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Kiehl's Lite Flite Shaving Cream

I was in a local department store yesterday and noticed a jar of Kiehl's Lite Flite Shaving Cream For The Brush in the men's toiletries section. It was the only brush cream they carried. I had never heard of it. I opened a jar and found it to be a soft cream with no detectable scent. Curiosity got the better of me and I bought it.

When I got home, I checked out the reviews in the forum and found it had gotten rather "blah" reviews and not many people liked the scent.

I tried it this morning and boy, was I surprised! I bowl lathered a brushful of it and still could not detect a strong scent. As soon as I lathered my face, I could feel the menthol and eucalyptus but it was not nearly as strong as Proraso. The lather was rich and plentiful. I did a 3 pass shave (with the grain, across the grain and touch-up) with an EJ89L wih a derby blade on it's third shave. The lather performed exceptionally well throughout the entire shave.

After I finished, i noted I had gotten an exceptionally close shave and, more importantly, my skin was well moisturized and not "tight" as I tend to get with a lot of other products. The jar said the cream contained some lavender but I was unable to detect the scent.

I have a lot of soaps/creams and I like almost all of them. This one was a little pricey at $18 but I think it was well worth it based on my experience. Most of the reviews in our review forum have some age to them and I was wondering if anyone had a more recent experience with this cream.
I have tried many of the Kiehl's products but based on the reviews I had not tried this one. I think I will pick it up and give it a try. I have been impressed with their other products so hopefully this one will not dissapoint. Thanks for the info!


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I have tried it, and while it is functional as a shaving cream, I don't think it warrants its asking price.
It lathers very very poorly.
It is listed as having a Lavender scent, but that is undetectable, in fact - I find the scent a little repulsive.
A lot of better producuts are out there for the same or less money.
Forgot to mention that I can get it for about half price. If I had to pay the asking price I don't think I would try it.
I used the cream just this morning. Got a great shave. I don't mind the scent as much as I do the residue it leaves on the brush. It always strikes me more as a cool temperature cream for some reason.
your comment on lack of tightness in your skin, definitely sold me--I've been curious abou Kiehl's shaving products for a while, and will be excited to try this out in the future.
I have never been disappointed with the many Kiehl's products I've tried. They have by far the best face wash/moisturizers. Given that, I've still been reluctant to try this cream because of some negative reviews. Maybe I'll try to get a sample
I used to live right down the street from a place that sold the entire Kiehl's line, as well as Crabtree and Evelyn. I have always thought many of their products have been well worth the extra bucks (hell, how often do I have to buy a new bottle of shampoo for my short hair anyway?). Anyway, their shaving cream was the first "high end" shaving cream I every tried, back during my cartridge razor days. It was infinitely better than any foaming goo out of a can. Eventually I picked up some Jack Black at the same place. For me it was even better. Then a tube of Musgo Real. THIS stuff was so good, that I actually had to check it out on the internet, which led me to Corey Greenberg's amusing blog, and all of a sudden I'm here, a genuine shavegeek with single blade razors...
I think its a really good product. There are plenty of idiosyncratic soaps and creams, and this one has its own character. But i got a wonderful lather, and a very close comfortable shave.

I managed to sweettalk a sample from the nice lady, who gave me a big dollop in a plastic shopping bag as she didnt actually have any samples. Luckily I got to use it a couple of times before my beautiful bride spotted the scrunched up plastic bag and disposed of it.:angry:

Could be a while before I get more, as its $34 here from memory
The camphor smell makes it smell like something you would put on a burn or a sore. That was my issue with it.

I gave mine to someone who said it was the most protective of his face.
I think it is pretty expensive for a average cream. It is the same price as Castle Forbes and it doesn't touch CF

Very true but I have found Kiehl's products in more than a few shops with excellent prices. I think my tub cost ~$13, IIRC.
I'd pick this cream over Proraso/Musgo or any of the 3 T's.
It lathers like a champ & provides very comfortable shaves with a straight.
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