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Kiehl's Lite Flite Shave Cream for the brush

Kiehl's has rereleased its shavng cream for the brush. It is $16.50 for a 4.2 ounce tub. I am pretty sure that is a rip-off, but they are currently running a promotion where you can bring three empty Kiehl's products in and receive a free item of your choice. I had three empties (I use their brushless cream for travel and their Ultimate Face Moisturizer with SPF15 everyday. It's an amazing, light moisturizer.), so I traded them in for this stuff. I haven't shaved with it yet, I will do so tomorrow. However, I will say that I haven't added water, but the smell of the cream is clearly hinted with menthol and lavender. I know people have issues with menthol, so I thought I would mention it. I will shave with it tomorrow and let you know. The other cream that I use is Tom's of Maine.
At less than $4/ounce, this is on par with other purveyors. Not ridiculously priced at all. If you extrapolate this out to a "normal" 5.3 ounce tub, it would cost less than $21.

I will be interested to hear your review, as I have always liked Kiehl's products.

The cream wasn't terribly impresive. It lathers nicely, but the smell and thinness of ther lather kill the cream for me. I really found it inferior to the Tom's of Maine I have used, and only slightly better than the Kiss My Face shave cream (which is even thinner). The smell is hard to explain. To me it was almost completly menthol with a hint of lavender. It didn't smell or feel clean. I also think the cream numbed my face. You can see pictures here:http://flickr.com/photos/11846631@N00/
I actually think this stuff is pretty good. Lathered well, provided a good shave with no irritation afterwards. There's also a nice cooling effect... not as pronounced as Proraso green, but definitely noticeable. The scent in the tub is pretty medicinal (menthol, camphor, some lavender) but once lathered I hardly noticed any scent at all. To me, this is the biggest negative, as I like creams that are well scented. I don't know if it's a deal breaker or not. I have so many high quality creams that shave and smell great... we'll have to see if the Kiehl's survives against the likes of t&h lime, Trumpers sandalwood, etc.

I would think this cream would be VERY good for those with sensitive skin.

For comparison, I think this is MUCH better than Nancy Boy shave cream. Much better lubrication and moisturization. The scents of the two creams are similar... with Nancy Boy getting the slight nod in that category only.

:thumbdown I personally felt that Lite Flite was right up there with the worst products that I ever used. Of course that's just my opinion and YMMV. I use Nancy Boy shaving cream occasionally and think that it's ok but not deserving of the high praise that it garners.
I had read HORRIBLE reviews about the Kiehl's, so my expectations were pretty low... but again, I think the stuff is on par with most of the other popular creams.

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Keep coming to this post and can't believe it mentions the same cream I use. May be it is my skin, but I tried the best of the best creams recommended in forums and keep coming to KIEHLS. I do not even need an aftershave which I need with other creams. No matter what blade - straight razor, disposable, double edge,, after shaving with this cream my skin feels fresh. All could say - Thank you Kiehls for their wonderful KIEHLS LITE FLITE, there is nothing better.
Scent is a bit odd- I get more camphor than anything else. The lather is fine however. Really need to rinse the brush though.
I actually thought it was an OK cream in terms of performance. I remember it smelling quite strange and it behaved differently in terms of building a lather compared to the more popular products we all use around here, but it really wasn't bad at all. The shaves I got from it were good - up there with the three T's, etc...
I'm sticking my nose in stub now, and it isn't really exciting me. Very little menthol at all, and I don't detect any lavender. I'm passing on it for now as the reviews above are lukewarm, at best...
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