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Just won on E-Bay - ID Help needed

Hey everyone,

I just one the following item on E-Bay:

Vintage Gillette Double Edge Safey Razor 1940's/50's

I don't have it yet, but from the discription and the picture, it looks like a SS, but no notch and no serial #, so does this make it one of those 1947 SS that I hear people talk about? Even if not, for $9.01, I still think the price is right.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a ton.


letterk said:
It's a SS, but the central bar is notched. So you have a 1948-1950 SS.

Ah, now I see the notch. Geez, I was looking in the wrong place.

So, 1948-50 SuperSpeed - I'm happy with the razor at that price.

I'll post a follow-up once I have it and tried it. I mean, geez, I've had a 1971 Black Super Adjustable Long Handle for 3 weeks and I haven't even tried that one yet.

Yeah, I'll stop my procrastination - but I'll start tomorrow.


guenron said:
Congrats on a Good Buy!
But Dirty Pierre?:001_smile

Um, yeah. You know, the old cartoon character, I think from Warner Brothers because I think I remember him giving Bugs Bunny a hard time.

And, you know, Je m'appelle Pierre, oui?

Plus, all the good names were taken, and I didn't really care if anyone on Ebay knows who I am or not.

So, yeah, DirtyPierre it is.

Funny you should evne notice that Ron, are you a P.I., or what?

Or a stalker?


It just struck a funny note going back many years when there was a French-language radio station from Brazzaville. We listened for various reasons, but there was an announcer we all mocked as Gross Pierre! Ici Radio Gross Pierre!:lol:
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