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Just shaved beard and it's really thin


I just used a beard trimmer to take some length off my beard, I went down gradually from 9-5 guard, which was fine for the sides, then I went down to a 4 guard for my chin area, and it's taken so much thickness out of the beard.

In fact, even when I was using the 6 and 7 guards on the chin area, it was still taking so much density out of the beard.

I assume this is normal for beard trimmers to do that.

Is there any way of frequently maintaining my beard but keeping the full density?

I was thinking of using scissors to control the length but i'm not sure how easy that would be under the chin area, even with a comb?

Would be good to get some of your thoughts?

Thank you in advance,

If you want your beard to look fuller, the best way to do that is to not have it end at the jawline. Grow it all the way down to where your neck starts.

That sounds a bit confusing. Pretend to choke yourself with one hand. Everything above your fingers stays, everything below gets shaved off. It will make your beard appear fuller if there's another inch and a half of beard below your chin.
I keep a pretty long beard, currently around 5 inches rarely less than 2. I always leave the bottom longer than the sides. Helps to cover the double chin and make my head not look so round. I always trim the chin with scissors or free hand with trimmer and no guard.
Here's what I did when I had a full beard (I even took pics to explain it to someone)...

Firstly, ditch the clipper comb altogether, and get a wide toothed detangling comb. Then, only trim below the jaw, take nothing (or very little) off the front.

The first cut that I would make, would be to set the length at the chin, using the comb and combing up from the Adam's apple...


Then rotate the handle, and tilt the comb downwards till the teeth are at the length I wanted the beard to be...


Note, the spine of the comb is up against my neck crease. Zip straight across that with the clippers to flat bottom the beard. The hair below is now "tapered", shorted at the neck crease, and longer at the chin.

I'd then move the comb to the sides and repeat, angling from short at the hinge of the jaw, to the full length I just trimmed to at the chin.


Again, this is putting a contour on the beard which leaves it trimmed towards the ears, but with a fuller chin.

Extra touch ups the same way can be done to soften the corners, so you haven't just got a three faceted angular beard, and gradually add the curve you want.


Notice how all the trimming has been done at or below the jaw. This leaves the full thickness of beard on the sides, with the uppermost hair having longer length to maintain that fullness.

Beyond that, it was careful scissor work. Edging up the boundaries and sideburns, and trimming away individual strays.

WARNING: If you have any bushiness or frizz to your beard, what it looks like when you trim it, will not be what it looks like in two days once it's settled. Trim longer than you think you should, let it settle, and revisit it a couple of days later. Some areas may have flattened while others bushed up. New strays will have appeared. After that second day, you'll have a neatly trimmed beard with significantly more fullness than the clipper comb would have left you with.


I hope that's clear enough. It's not an easy process to put into words.
It keep it neat and trim, I've always used scissors. And just going after those longer ones or strays. I've only used the trimmer for chopping off serious inches, never for less than 3.5.
I use a beard trimmer to catch strays and help with basic shaping. Did you happen to run your trimmer against the growth direction? I've learned that if you run a trimmer up through your beard, you can easily wipe out density and 'fullness.' Trimmers should almost always follow the beard direction.

@RookieGuy makes an excellent point- trimmers are very effective when taking off large chunks of beard. Comb and scissors challenges one to make deliberate snips. I've lost many a good beard at the hand of an overzealous trimmer.
@Doorcube is right. Absolutely right. I've never once over trimmed my beard using scissors. My mustache is a different story though. I've lost count how many times my beard went way shorter than I've intended with a trimmer.

The key is you're just going after strays with the scissors. You're not taking off any length. Just those ones and twos that have been escaping trimming thus far or the ones who refuse to go with the grain.
I've got to have at least an inch of length to have a full looking beard. I use Wahl clippers with a 1" attachment, and then a beard brush and scissors to get a nice clean edge. I've recently started trimming to 1" on the chops and letting the moustache/goatee area grow out to 2". I like the wave and movement I get there with the extra length, and the 1" difference isn't as noticeable as you might think it would be.
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