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Just received my Olivia soap and cream.

Just received the order after two weeks (a bit long to my liking but they are here and that's the main thing).
I ordered the King Kong soap and the Churchill cream.
I have to wait to test them since I already shaved and I still have to test my TOBS Lavender soap, Woods of Windsor soap, Truefitt and Hill soap and Irisch Moos I acquired over the weekend along with Penhaligon's BB, Floris JF and Speick.

But I couldn't resist to lather both up in my handpalm to judge that part already and both deliver excellent creamy lather.
The scent of the King Kong is meh at first but after sniffing some more from the puck I know it will grow on me since it is some natural not overpowering scent.
The scent of the Churchill cream which is actually a softer soap is good. I smell some citrus notes combined with very earthy woody notes.

And she added also a sample of a ASB (Marracesh) and this scent is really awesome.

I'll write a review after I tested them this week.

And Olivia, in case you read this, do you have these nice tin cans also in a slightly larger size (+ 1-1,5 cm diameter) or where I could get them to put all my refills in?
And please consider to put the cream also in those nice tin cans instead of the cans you are using now.
Fill them up to the top and adjust your pricings according to the actual weight.
They would look so much better.
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Oh its a long time you posted this. Sorry!
Glad you like the soaps.
The tin cans are only available in this size but we can also put shaving cream in.
No Problem.
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