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    I have a Gem Micromatic OC that I have used several times and really like. If you use a light touch, it doesn't seem to be the monster that a lot of people refer to it. Anyway, to round out the collection, I wanted to get a closed bar Gem, either a G-Bar or Push button. Well a like new push button cam up for $8.50 and $3 shipping and I snapped it up. I used it this morning and I really like it. I will add a picture this evening. It does seem to be less aggressive than the MM OC but still seems very close.
  1. Nice shaving SE.

    MUCH lighter than your other models but they shave nicely

  2. Congrats. Glad the push button is working so well for you.
  3. For me, the push button was the most comfortable SE razor I have used (excluding injectors).
  4. The Push-Button is one of my favorites.

    Comfortable and close one of Gem's best.

    Basically just a G-Bar without the G-Bar's slippery issues.
  5. ackvil

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    Enjoy your new razor.
  6. Excellent razor I find the push button, feather weight and heavy flat top all the same Other then weight YMMV.
  7. Good find, congrats, and you should pickup a G-Bar as well, both great razors :thumbup1:
  8. Here is the photo as promised. I think there is a higher res copy in my section of the Gallery (51 Rolls). I was very pleased when I received this it appears to be just like new.
    $Gem PushButton.jpg
  9. That sure is a pretty razor! These and the Feather Weights are my favorites of the latter Gems. I much prefer the earlier Gems, but it is still nice to visit these from time to time and yours looks to be a beauty, so I hope you really enjoy your new razor.
  10. I really like mine. Great shavers
  11. I have found that I prefer lighter razors over heavier ones. The Push Button is my favorite GEM razor. It is light and very easy to control on my face. I owned every GEM made at one time except for the mythical Jewel. I have been minimizing my den and the Clog-Pruf and OC Micromatic and a G-Bar are the only ones left to sell.

    I will be keeping my Push Button. :)
  12. Just picked up the push button and the Schick. Ihave not used them yet, but looking forward to it.

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  13. Congrats! I don't know how much SE experience you have. If SE's are new to you, the technique is VERY different from DE's, and you should do some searches in this thread and the SE forum for advice on how to use them. If you are experienced in using them, my apologies. I just want to make sure your experience with them is a good one. Injectors, OTOH, are incredibly tolerant of varying techniques and, at least to me, are almost impossible to use poorly. Enjoy!

    OK, you guys have forced me to pull out my Push Button for my next shave, diverting me from my DE experiment of trying the Maggard MR8 handle on every DE razor that I won. Damn you all!!! :wink2:
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  14. The ones the I have used so far are the 1912's and the MMOC. The JR. is in such good shape I hate to use it. Will try and clean up the push button tonight, and try it out. I am still a novice on SE's but getting better all the time.
  15. So how about that Gem Pushbutton
    Did you ever get the hang of it?
  16. Do yourself a favor and get the g bar too. Shaves great and the weight is nice.
  17. I did, and liked it. I don't use my SE's very often. I have so many DE blades stocked up, and I love my ball end tech and SS, so I use them just about every day. Been thinking of getting rid of all of my SE's.
  18. :em18:
  19. Glad to hear from you Snappy!
    I certainly understand what you're saying
    I am also mainly a DE user and have
    Several DE razors with backups of many
    And several lifetime supplies of DE blades
    However I enjoy shaving with my Gems
    Just as much and I have several backups
    For my mmoc, BT & CP I own a Gbar
    A Pushbutton and 2 different style 1912's
    The problem is that my facial hair does
    Not grow that fast and for me that's a
    Good thing, because my skin will not
    Tolerate no more than twice a week or
    Every 4th day shaving so I'm in the pickle
    Of having loads of shaving gear with
    Limited shaving opportunities. But I'm
    Well known over the years for my
    Compulsive/impulsive purchases.

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