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Just pulled the trigger on some...

...D.R. Harris (Arlington) and, Truefitt and Hill shaving soaps both in the wooden bowl (for what that's worth). Anyone have any thoughts on what I should anticipate with these? I'm currently using Taylor's Of Old Bond Street lavender and Classic's rose. Thanks for your thoughts.:cool:

Tom, you have bought some of the best shave soaps available. They lather well and lubricate well. You will get close shaves. Congratulations. You could not ask for more.
Tom, these are top of the line soaps, you're a winner. May I also suggest Rivivage or Gold-Dachs Spezial to you? Delightful shaves to be had from these soaps as well.

I have not tried the T&H but the DR Harris Arlington is exceptional. Great scent and fantastic lubrication. I think you will be most pleased.
DR Harris Almond soap is my favorite shaving medium to date... I'm sure Arlington is every bit as good. Very good choices. I am interested in trying the T&H at some point soon.

Drew, tomorrow I'm going to buy some DR Harris almond soap because I want to see if it gives me the same kind of shaving results as the almond cream that I have. This'll be my first soap from DR Harris.


I've heard great things about both Rivivage and Gold-Dachs Spezial. I might order some Rivivage off the Classic Shaving website for my next soap. They're super people to deal with.

Tom, they're wonderful people indeed, I like them a lot. Rivivage and Gold-Dachs Spezial are 2 of the most beautiful soaps I ever had in my life. You're guaranteed to enjoy them.

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