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Soaps - Which of 32 to Try First?

I have been collecting soap and a couple of creams since the first of the year. I have the following 32 in mostly samples & a few soap cakes. I've only tried a few. From this list, please let me know what you'd recommend I should try next:

Ariana and Evans - St. Barts k2e
Barrister and Mann, Omnibus Base - Red Letter Day Limited Edition
Barrister and Mann, Omnibus Base - Arctique Seasonal Release
Barrister and Mann - Fougere Classique
Declaration Grooming - Dayman
Declaration Grooming - Massacre of the Innocents
D.R. Harris Shaving Cream - Arlington
D.R. Harris Shaving Cream - Windsor
Haslinger - Schafmilch
Maggard Razors - Lilac
Martin de Candre - Fougere
Martin de Candre - Rose
Mike's Natural Soaps - Orange, Cedarwood & Black Pepper
Noble Otter Soap Co. - Two Kings
Phoenix & Beau - Albion
Razorock - Don Marco
Razorock Gold Label - Sophisticated Citrus
Razorock XXX - Italian Shaving Soap
Saponificio Bignoli - Antica Ricetta
Saponificio Bignoli - Agrumi Del Mediterraneo
Saponificio Bignoli - Lavanda Balsamica
Southern Witchcrafts - Samhain
Stirling Soap Co. - Executive Man
Taylor of Old Bond St - Coconut
Taylor of Old Bond St - Jermyn St
Taylor of Old Bond St - Rose
Wholly Kaw Shaving Soap - Lav Sublime
Wholly Kaw Shaving Soap - Monaco Royale
Wickham Soap Co 1912 - Club Cola
Williams Shaving Soap (pre-1960)
Zingari Man - The Watchman
Agree with @BigJ who recommended you start with your MdC first. Definitely start with your most premium soaps first so you can enjoy them as fresh as possible. Scents will dissipate over time and much of what differentiates premium soaps from others are the scent ingredients so use them early to fully benefit from your investment. Once dry you should keep these soaps in sealed containers to best preserve the scents.
Any follow-ups, Feldgrun?

Are you making testing notes? If so, how are you organizing them?
I’d tried a few but am working on finding a consistent favorite razor to test them with. It may be the GEM MMOC which has given me excellent shaves. I’m concerned that if I try them with a variety of razors it will give inconsistent results.
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