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Just came back from a Barber Supply Store

So many thanks to "RattBones" who suggested an online purchase from the Atlanta Barber Supply store. Im not even sure if he realized that I was in Ga. But today I went by the store. It was only 1.5 blocks away. Oh my... They had ALL the goodies! I walked out with a bottle of Osage Rub, Clubman Special Reserve and Clubman Bay Rum.

On the way out the door I saw some Proraso soap. Ive read a lot about it here and though I would try it.

Its a little hole in the wall place but the staff was SUPER friendly and when I bought the Proraso they got very excited. A guy came out from the back (I think maybe a manager or owner) and mad a big deal about how they just started carrying it and looked forward to my thoughts on it. LOL

This could be a dangerous place to have so close! They had nice brushes, soaps of all kinds, ALL kinds of aftershaves etc etc... :)

Shaving Nirvana on Mitchell St in the ATL! lol
If I was 1.5 blocks away from a barber supply store equivalent to ABS, they'd know me by name.

Like I said, I bought 3 aftershaves and then saw the Proraso on the way out. I went back to the counter and paid for the cream (again)... the young lady just laughed and knowingly said "oh yeah, you're going to be a regular" lol...


I went back to the office and had one of the young ladies smell some of my finds. As I was leaving she said "See you Tuesday... oh, and would you please wear the stuff in the green bottle" LOL. :) I do like that Osage Rub. It doesn't hang onto me too long but its SO darn refreshing! ICE cold and fresh!
I have ordered supplies from the Atlanta Barber Supply store and I have no complaints against them. They shipped quickly, their products were excellent and the price was very good.
I just got 4 bottles of the Osage Rub. Four to knock down shipping cost per bottle as I will probably gift a couple of them. Shipping was super fast, like two days Ga to Tx.
Atlanta Barber Supply (ABS) has quite a bit of stuff in person that is not listed on their website.Enter at your own risk,keep a roll of cash or a credit card with a generous limit on hand.

you may need it.


Awesome idea! I just googled [Saint Louis Barber Supply] and found a promising lead. It also says they carry many more things not listed on the website. So when I need more shaving supplies in oh, say, the next 5 years I might check it out!

The lady who used to cut my hair told me that she goes to such a place, but they don't sell to the public. Said you must have your hair cutting "license" to buy. don't really believe it, but I'm going to call before I head down there just to make sure they're open to the public.
Down town... about 3 blocks from the capitol. Its kind of on the corner of Peachtree and Mitchell... (Well in that block). Parking looked a little "rough".

Thankfully I work so close I could walk over just about any time.

If you click on the ABOUT US you can get a map.


So many thanks to "RattBones" who suggested an online purchase from the Atlanta Barber Supply store. Im not even sure if he realized that I was in Ga.

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