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Jojoba Oil: Uses?


I've heard of many people using jojoba oil for many things (pre-shave oil, moisturizer, T&C-lube, etc) and this got me wondering, is jojoba oil actually a useful product or is it just something else that I am going to try once or twice and then ignore? Do any of you B&B'ers use jojoba oil, and if so, what do you use it for?
If I've had an exceptionally abusive shave (scraping or overshaving) then I will apply a layer of jojoba before my normal a/s treatment. It is also very good if the soap product used has managed to dry the skin out a little.

Jojoba is not an everyday product for me, however, it certainly has it's values.
I've been intersted in this for a while. Tried some from a tester in a store a few weeks ago and it did pretty good; absorbed with no problems and didn't leave any greasy residue.

Today I bought some (see The Score) and will use it on a trip to the desert next week.
So far the only thing that I've tried using the Jojoba oil for is to moisturize my hands... and it does a great job of that. I think that I'll try to use it in my shaving routine this week (maybe for T&C) and see how it goes. I just can't imagine using an oil (even a fairly light one like Jojoba) as an A/S product since I have fairly wet/oily skin anyhow (I'm afraid that it would leave me too shiny and might cause/exasperate acne).


Jojoba Organic(Simmondsia chinensis): Jojoba organic is very similar in composition to human natural skin oils. It penetrates the skin rapidly to nourish it; also softens and moisturizes mature and dry skin. Jojoba helps to heal inflamed skin conditions such as psoriasis or any form of dermatitis, helps control acne and oily scalps. Since it has antioxidant properties, it can keep other oils from going rancid. Jojoba is sometimes called """"jojoba oil"""" when it is actually an extract; it’s not an oil at all but a liquid wax ester. Our pure jojoba is a beautiful golden amber with its own aroma, which will vary slightly from one crop year to the next and does not contain fillers, stabilizers, enhancers or preservatives. It does contain the seed’s anti-oxidants, is non-allergenic and won’t stain linens or clothing. It is highly concentrated, don’t apply it like a lotion. Put a small drop on the back of your hand and massage it in until you learn how much works for you. It’s gentle enough for newborn babies; soothes and restores elasticity to any dry skin area. It’s very good in cases of psoriasis, for massage and aromatherapy, scalp and hair care, and for hands and cuticles. For shaving legs and faces, just moisten the skin and massage a generous amount of our pure jojoba deeply into the area to be shaved, then rinse your razor with hot water. May be used full strength or in 10% dilution.
I use it daily - as a T&C lubricant, and in the evening after washing my face I apply 2-drops to my slightly damp face. My skin has never looked better.
I use Rosehip oil, mixed with peppermint, lavender and rosemary essential oils. Works great for me. I usually put some Trumpers Coral Skinfood in my hand, 5 drops of my oil mix and apply it to face / neck area's.

I use it on my face once every 7 or 10 days instead of an aftershave. Seems to work well, but its too greasy for every shave.
I am an oily skinner. I have been a wet shaver since the start. Moreover, about 50 days ago I also became a DE shaver. Jojoba oil was my calming option from the very first bloody DE shave. No grease, softens and makes me skin feel better. Better for calming that for preparing your whiskers.
Routine? Jojoba+EVOO before shaving and plain jojoba after shaving and also before bed.
Going beyond? Clean my face with home made fine soap and let merely air dry my face before applying jojoba.
I even apply it on my son's little face and hands before school and before bed. Magic.
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