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Joined the Rudy Vey owners club :)

I've always admired Rudy's work and finally took the plunge. Rudy just sent me pictures of the custom brush he's crafted for me. The handle is made from stabilized box elder and the knot is a TGN 24mm Finest Xtra Hair. The handle itself is a bit taller than normal at about 2.85" high. Loft is 52 mm as this will be a bowl latherer only.

I'm really looking forward to getting this puppy in hand!


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Thanks Chris. I liked that handle too. If you look in the Rudy Vey Vendor thread, posts 526 and 530 show this style that was made for member "Price." I simply had Rudy "stretch" the length for me.
Just saw where Rudy posted in his vendor thread a picture of a bunch of stabilized box elder blanks. Although box elder can be had with a variety of stains including multicolored, the lot he showed all appear a nice golden hue. I teased earlier that these, when finished, become a cross between a classic butterscotch handle and a beautiful highly figured wood. Very, very nice :)
Nice looking brush. I too am joing the RV owners club, got the notification that it is getting shipped out in the morning.
Nice looking brush. I too am joining the RV owners club, got the notification that it is getting shipped out in the morning.

My notification was also received late this afternoon. Hopefully that means in hand this Saturday. Worse case next Monday :)
Nice cvandyke27! I always liked buffalo horn but from having made a knife handle out of it years and years ago, the stink of working the stuff is just plain awful! LOL
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