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Japanese Lion blades

Anyone tried this Japanese blade?
Is it the same as Feather blades?
They are sold at the same price as feather in Taiwan.
About 100 blades for 20USD
Widely seen at online store in Taiwan but I haven't found it sold in USA.
I think I have to try it myself and report my experience.
I dunno - you're looking at stuff that's from the counterfeiting region of the world. It's quite possible it's a knock off that has similar packaging.

I'd have to do a little more research.
I too, purchased these blades in Taiwan at a local chain store. As Sprzout mentioned, I was also afraid of counterfeiting. But after one shave, I put that issue to the rest. First off, on the back of the blades it says it was made by "羽毛", which directly translated means "Feather". And secondly, the blades gave me effortlessly close shave with mild irritation (which are how Feathers normally feel for me). I may not be the best judge for this, for I don't tend to use Feathers on a regular basis. Regardless, If anyone is stopping by Taiwan or living there, I say give these blades a try. I would love to hear someone else's opinion on this.

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