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J.M. Fraser Oriental Spice Shave Cream

Anyone know where to pick up some J.M. Fraser Oriental Spice Shave Cream within the U.S.? I found it in Canada but the shipping is outrageous! I know that ShavingEssentials usually has it but PayPal says its sold out and I can't get in touch with anyone over at ShavingEssentials. Or do ya'll know of any cream that is comparable? Thanks for any advice!
I'm not sure where you can pick up JM Fraser in the US at the moment, but if you like it's scent you might want to consider Nancy Boy Shaving Cream. It's a US company and they make quality shaving cream. The scent is not the same, but they are similar in that they both seem to have a hint of peppermint in there. Makes great lather.
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