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Israeli Super +, Crystal, IP where to buy?

I was searching 100 Israeli blades (Super +, Crystal, IP, I don't know if they have more names but I want the ones made in Israel but not the red ones) in the The Marketplace but I didn't find anybody selling it.

I'm searching this ones, and I need someone that accept paypal and send it to Spain:

Then I went to ebay where I found two stores selling this blades:

Dark's Blade Supply


But I don´t know if there is any diference between this two. Any experience with some of this? there's somebody in the forum selling this blades?

Thank you for your responses!
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West Coast Shaving has the crystals, albeit in a different package. My first choice in blade vendors.

Dark is another good seller and also a forum member.
I see the difference beetween the packages from "Dark's Blade Supply" and "West Coast Shaving" but the blades are the same?

Thank you!
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