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Is this worth growing out?

Hey all, not shaved for 4 weeks. Kind of the fist attempt of grown in my beard out.

Just wondering what people's thoughts are, should I shave or continue?

20210113_230110.jpg 20210113_230240.jpg 20210113_230146.jpg 20210113_230049.jpg
Only you can decide. I have a beard every winter since retiring from the military (mostly Army National Guard). I shave my neck and the top of my cheeks. I like it this way in the winter, but love having a change come Spring.

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If you choose to keep it you may decide to shave your neck.
That’s one of the hardest things for noob orangutans... I mean beard growers lol! Learning how to trim em.

I say you’re half way there, keep it going if it’s not driving you crazy. You might like it, you might hate it, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. And let’s face it, it’s the new Covid inspired look. No one is going to call you out on it looking dirty or whatever people say about beards. So now is the time.
Your hair color is awesome and deserves to be displayed to its full shining glory. The upper moustache hairs will grow longer, providing even more fulness to the moustache. The beard shows good fullness in certain areas. I would trim to shave off the less full parts. Maybe a Van Dyke style on the lip and chin. Sharp anchor edges on the chin, or rounded around the chin line, . . .

Looks good at 4 weeks. If you have the patience, try 4 more and get a good idea of what the full potential is.
You've got a month's start, keep growing it. What many don't realize is the time it takes to grow a beard &/or mustache. Give it at least another month before you decide. Better yet, give it two more months!
I also think that four weeks is not enough time. That said, you may be a little too light at your current age to pull off the full beard look. Maybe another style would suit you better.
Tough question... me I'm a clean shaven type of a guy. No beard, goatee, mustache or long sideburns...

That said, if I ever were to grow a beard, I'd only wanna have it like Saul Berenson from the Homeland.


Yours is patchy and thin, looking like an adolescent who skipped his weekly shave. I'd shave it all off.


Totally up to you! You can certainly justify this an an ‘experiment‘ for science! :a21: :a21:

(In your shoes, I would shave it off. But that’s me.)
Normally i shave every other day, never liked the beard look, but we are in lockdown so thought I would give it ago.

Its alittle patchy in areas, but I reckon I will give it another month to at least say I gave it a go.

Cheers fellas 👍
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