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Is there a consensus on how much aftershave to apply?

Maybe my first question should be about the purpose of aftershave... is it to calm the face after shaving, to provide a pleasing scent, or both? I've always thought the purpose was to calm the face so I have this constant battle of applying enough to cover the entire shaved surface versus applying too much and having too strong of a scent. I usually put enough in my hand to rub into the entire shaved surface but this often time seems like too much in the scent department. Any thoughts? And I just started using Pinaud Clubman. Love it.
I say both scent and effect (i.e. methol cool, alchohol burn, etc).
I use just enough to lightly coat my shaved areas.
Clubman is good stuff, but it is pretty strong. It was my go to til I started using Osage Rub. After about a year or so of Osage, I used Clubman one day and the scent was a bit too much. Try diluting it with some non-scented witch hazel. Thayers is a very good brand. I guess you could get scented too if you want. I use the lemon kind fairly often, not to kill the scent though. Witch hazel works great if you got an AS that leave your face feeling too dry.
I do have some Target brand witch hazel that I've been applying before AS. I've thought about cutting it with some WH but wasn't sure the proportion. Also I fear that my man card might get revoked for cutting the Clubman.
You could do 50/50, 2 parts Clubman 1 part WH. Haha! Don't wory about the man card bro. If a scent is too much? It's too much plain and simple. You tailor your shave for you, period.
Where you at in the Northwest? I'm up in WA.
I don't use AS that I don't like the smell of, it's one of the most important factors to me. Have you tried something like Speick? Once it's dry, it has next to no scent, and it's wonderful for the skin.
I guess it depends on whether you want people to small your AS when you're walking into a room.

Me, I apply it liberally at home (a palmful), and then when I get to work, I have an office stash of a few Clubman varieties that I re-apply once or twice throughout the day. Most aftershaves are not as strong as colognes, so the scent fades after a couple of hours.
As much as you like! Heck, it's YOUR face. I use a generous amount of Clubman and OBR but will sparingly use my vintage Old Spice and vintage Avons.
How much depends on personal preference and the strength of the scent. I apply after shaves pretty liberally. I think most of the scents are muted somewhat by the face moisturizer I put on afterwards. Scents usually dissipate within an hour or two. Some last much longer and some much shorter.

Aftershave should have an effect on your face...that's why I use mine. Should help to soothe any irritation, razor burn, and help heal any minor nicks, cuts, and scrapes.

I prefer splashes to balms just because....because....well I don't know why, but it's probably because I splash some into my hand and slap it on my face. And it's a bonus when there's a sting. I like the sting.
I use it primarily for how it affects my skin. Scent is secondary, and no matter how much I like a scent I don't want it to be too strong. As pictured a few posts up, I only want my wife to smell it, not anybody who is more than a few inches from my face.

To that end, does anyone have any thoughts about diluting aftershave with alcohol? I have one aftershave whose scent I like but it has insufficient alcohol content and anyway I would prefer the scent to be less strong so I could use more. I tried diluting it with regular drugstore generic isopropyl but that stuff has a strong industrial scent that reminds me of the old days of using cassette/VHS cleaning tapes...
About a quarter's worth in my hand, maybe a little more. Most of my aftershaves don't tend to linger though (Captain's Choice, Ogallala, Myrsol, Speick) so I may use a bit more. You should never be in a "constant battle" with your aftershave though...mixing Clubman with unscented witch hazel is a common practice too if the scent is a bit overbearing.
Scent first, effects always.

I won't apply an ASL unless I can bear the scent. I only use 2-4 shakes out of a reducer on a wet hand.
Scent first, then nourishing qualities, then "extras" (menthol, warming, tightening, what have you). The amount really depends on what splash it is (all of my aftershaves are alcohol based, by the way). With AV IB or English Leather, I can be a bit more generous, as the scent stays close. Musgo Real, I'm a bit more spartan with, for several reasons- it's expensive, the scent is stronger and longer lasting than the other two, and it tends to get sticky if you use too much. With Adidas Dynamic Pulse, I have literally upended the bottle over my head and bathed in it (the scent is mild and short-lived, I was trying to get rid of it, and I also shave my torso. I think it was justified). As far as Clubman, I don't care for it, but the one time I used it the scent was VERY strong. Many around here cut it with WH, water, or rubbing alcohol. I used mine to clean my drain (I have a bad reaction to powdery scents). YMMV.
My rule of thumb for wearing cologne and aftershaves, and I never had any complaints but many compliments. For cologne: if I can smell it on me, so can everyone else. For aftershave: I want to be able to smell it on me.

But I use aftershave for the effects, not so much for the scent.

The above rule of thumb does not apply to the Veg, but then mere mortal rules don't apply to the Veg.
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Both. I always apply as much as possible. If it offends anyone? Good. I don't really give a damn as long as I like it on me.
For the guys that don't want anyone else getting a whiff of their AS... how little are you putting on? I mean one tiny coat of Clubman original, alone, is enough for anyone around me for a few hours afterwards to notice. I know some people are super sensitive to fragrances, but I've never really been cognizant of others with regards to that. When you walk into a public place, you shouldn't expect everyone to cater to your needs.

I was working with a woman the other day, and she made a comment about how fragrances typically bother her nasal tract or something. Well, surprisingly, then she went on to ask which "cologne" I was wearing, since it wasn't bothering her at all. I just said "Clubman."
For the guys that don't want anyone else getting a whiff of their AS... how little are you putting on? ."

I do trial and error for each of my aftershaves. Tabac for example I can't even wear at work as I find it strong and long lasting (for me excellent qualities in an AS) but we have scent nazis here at work. Clubman I have to be careful with, Speick, 4711, Clubman Vanilla, AV, Old Spice I can be more liberal with.
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