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Is Gillette Gender Really Different ?

Recently I saw this razor listed as a Gillette ladies model.

I thought it was cool looking and I did not really see anything feminine about it. What held me back from the purchase was not knowing if the head and blade angle are different for ladies leg shaving vs a gents razor for face shaving.

PS: The model was also unknown. Does anyone recognize this one.
I believe it was called the Lady Gillette, introduced in the early sixties.

I am not positive, but I think it is pretty much like any other Gillette fixed TTO from the period (i.e. the Superspeed). Fairly mild, a good shaver. I know I see them on SOTDs now and then. I'd say go for it. If you missed that one, they show up pretty often on Ebay. They come in silver, blue and pink handles. Hard to see on that one, but I think there are usually little stars on the smooth part of the handle. The pink one might be a bit feminine, but other than that....
I think I will pass on the pink and blue one. The stars...hmmmm. If I see another one in silver and it's cheap enough I might get it. I'll search for a "Lady Gillette" and see what comes up.
Thank you for the info moses.
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