Interesting Article on the slow rise of the Glock in the U.S. Military

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    I learned that they are light, faster, and easy to clean. :001_rolle:001_302:
  2. Good read!
  3. I wish I were kidding...

    Aside from my carry G19 and my race gun (modified G17, its a fun tackdriver), I have never cleaned my other Glocks (7). In fact, I only clean the carry gun because of the contact with my clothes, not because of a concern with reliability.
  4. Elite team members can use whatever they want and most are using the HK & Sigs in 45.
  5. Good article.
  6. I was always a fan of SIG Sauer, till I got issued a Glock for work. 14 years later, I can't imagine carrying something else for a duty gun. They are just so damn reliable.
  7. We know different people... None of mine are using H&Ks, and zero 45s. 9mm NATO reigns supreme.
  8. Link?
  9. That's classified information. (The Space Force has been using particle beam weapons for over a decade):2guns:
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    Particles have to be cheaper than 9mm ammo!
  11. The Space Force also does low light training on the dark side of the moon.
  12. LMAO!
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    Can tell you our rail gun projos aren't cheap!

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    You have to clean 'em?

    I bought a good used mid sized 9 mm. I put 2000-3000 rounds through it just to see what would happen?

    Nothing happened. It just went bang every time I pulled the trigger. Etc. No jams. No signs of anything even remotely wrong.

    I'm not wild about the trigger feel, but that's no deal breaker for me. The guns are a bit blocky, too, but so what?

    Note: Normally I clean my guns. This was just a test of the weapon.

    Happy shaves,


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