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Injectors--which is YOUR favorite?

I'm quite liking the look of injectors. They seem to be an excellent step away from cartridge razors, yet retain a bit of familiarity. I've seen many of the Schicks and others for sale, but I wanted to see what everyone's favorite was. I've been VERY fortunate to find a member locally who is hooking me up with a couple to try, and am very anxious to try them out.
Type E hands down along with a Schick Adjustable.

I do think at some point I'll have to acquire a Type E, if for no other reason than they look cool. I've got a friend who is a total Luddite, and if all else fails, he'd love it as a Christmas present.
Type E's are cheap on the Bay. Just got to know what to look for in pics. Here's a quote from a thread created by Jobol on how to spot the difference between an E and G
On the type E, you will find a single patent number: 1806087

On the type G, you will find two patent numbers: 1806087 and 1969945.
I had at least one "I" model in the late 1950s, and a J model in the 1960s, but from about 1966 onward, for twenty years, it was DEs about five days a week, and one or another cartridge on Sundays. I never wondered where either Injector had gotten to. That was 50 years ago. Since coming here, I have four Injectors. I have Schick's E-model, Eversharp's G-3 and G-8, and a Hydromagic.

I like the Hydromagic best of the Injectors.
This I2 Hydro-magic.

My favorite looking is the E with it's Butterscotch/Carmel Handle, my favorite performing is the J with it's long Handle.
This I2 Hydro-magic. (Photo Removed)

I didn't get a case with mine. It's been way too long to remember how the one in 1956 or 1957 was packaged. It was a dark colored handle, on a "plain" I-model Injector. Prior to the recent $22 for a Fat Boy, my current Hydromagic was the most expensive of my newer acquisitions. It shaves better than anything else that I have now.
These are my favorite injectors and they do shave well, but no better than the other type E & G... the Schicks give a good, smooth shave, maybe not as close as some of the other SE razors, but they're great for a fast shave with no cuts. These are my type G2 & G3 gold models that Schick put out as Christmas products in 1945 & 1946:

$G2 & G3 Schick 012.jpg
I don't care for the earlier models because of their aggressiveness and short handles. The J-Type Hydromagics are good lookers, but the best I've found is the N-Type, 1 or 2. I haven't been able to grab an N3 or Type O as of yet.
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