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Indulgence of the Night - March 2011

Tonight's gonna be an absurd quantity of sushi for me, may have some sake for the first time in forever too... :drool:

Whats your indulgence tonight?
Tonight sees a great footy (soccer) match on the tele, ManUtd Vs Chelsea (Im a Utd fan) so I think Il be sitting down with a few chilled Sierra Nevada Pale Ales (Delish!!) and perhaps after a Utd victory, a little Talisker10 :thumbup1:

A local supermarket stocks Sierra Nevada, I originally tried it in Vegas (for free too!!) and it is lovely, a really nice change from the usual US mainstream beers which I really dont care for at all!!
I picked up a bottle of Ginger Tam's (along with various other single malts) while visiting Scotland a few weeks back. It's a single malt whisky, ginger and honey liqueur, just a tad bit under 100 proof. Very nice to sip while watching the snow fall last night.
Twas a Midnight Sun Brewing Company XXX double IPA. Not nearly as hoppy as I like. Boy do I miss my Dogfish Head 60/90 Minute.....
Hmm ,some Camembart, Brie, Rochefort and Blue Castello cheese with some saltines and some otehr stuff. Matched with a bottle of Taylor,s early bootled vintage port 2004...

First planned to round it off with a Punch corona, but decided against it. Would probably have been overloading my tastebuds ;)
Last night: The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer

After the ceremony:
- Steak house: Boston Steak, Pittsburgh rare
- Glenmorangie Trio. 10 years, Nectar d'Or and Quinta Ruban
- Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure #2 while walking to a local microbrewery.

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Out at a wedding and had lot of rich food. At the end of the evening i had a chance to try Hendrick's gin for the first time. I got a G&T and I have to say it was the best one I have ever had in my life. SWMBO had a sip and agreed, time to go buy a bottle now.
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