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In-between a R41 & Fatip ??

I'm looking for something a little less efficient than the r41, only slightly but smoother. Would the Lupo 1.27 or Karve CB G-plate, fit this description ?
What you want is a long comb New. Short comb is also very good, but I think the long comb fits exactly your request.
Focus on skills, prep, process, & post first, razor later...
Maybe try a sharper blade.
What mess with the face, try a KIA and then I hope I see ya...
But really as stated by some great members here, stick with one for a while.

Then watch the market place here.
Do the Buy & Try...

I have a tad over 60 plus on the edged hardware dept.
All are get tools, some for different jobs.
No Unicorns..
Just great tools that work great for me.


( even thou I can pretty much shave w/ anything)
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