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If on a winter's night a fellow traveler

TL;DR. The author provides a morality tale about a purely hypothetical "friend" succombing to shaving brush related temptation. Nothing useful to follow.

Say what you will about Satan, but the gate to eternal damnation comes with a warning/instruction label, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." On the other hand, if you've made it that far?

Imagine a person with two brushes, one for home, one for travel. He is happy with his brushes and doesn't want another. If either brush failed/died they would be mourned and celebrated. Having died a hero after so much good service, the act of replacing either would seem a betrayal.

He has anthropomorphised his daily. He routinely speaks to what he calls "little guy." He has canino-morphised his traveler. He begins his journeys asking "his dawg" if it wants to get into the car.

And how might his loyal brushes feel if he came home one day and asked "Ever considered being a throuple?" (His "dawg" won't understand the words, but animals sense things.) He'd never do such a thing.

Ten minutes after finding the the Brush Forum.

He's curious if a "Dodeca-ouple" is a thing, and wondering what is the prefix kids use these days for a 14-ouple, if it comes to that.

He has his sights set on three horse hair brushes. Though convinced he is destined to join the consensus and render the verdict, "Tried horse, wasn't for me, ymmv," how can he really know until he tries? He's made it this far.

He wants to try a synthetic that aspires to be boar like. He understands that while it fails to be especially boar like, it:
1) can be an excellent tool in its own right
2) *is* more boar like than brushes that don't even try to be boar like
3) fills a gap that other excellent synthetics fill even while they fail their mission to be especially badger like

Did I mention he makes numbered lists on particularly grave matters? He also feels the occasional need to stress the word "is" with asterisks.

He's considering writing a monograph entitled, "Handle (The Spirit of the Thing -- Intersectionalities of Whimsy, Utility, and the Furry Adjacent -- Getting a Grip On Getting a Grip On.)" He wonders if three subtitles indicates a need of an editor.

It's not yet winter, but good luck getting that guy to do any chores this weekend. He is nicely shaven, however.
I'll say it again, Omega S brush best synth brush that feels like bore IMHO, ymmv. Also great writing.
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