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Identify 1930's "New Gillette" England Open Comb Razor.

Want to identify my new open comb razor. (See Attachments)

It's nearly an identical question like the one in this topic, so I did a lot of investigation myself: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showth...-know-what-this-Open-Comb-English-gillette-is

It's a hollow handle, it originally came from a big "shave box" with lot's of attributes like alum, blades and brushes (for clothing).

It's an English "New Gillette" Long Comb, but the comb is from a different version as we see commonly:

The "H-shaped" post-bar looks a bit similar like this one from Mr. Razor:

But that's a 2 piece razor.

Please gimme your opinions / thoughts.


Mike H

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RDK, welcome to B&B, although I can see you have been here a bit, and have been doing your homework. :thumbup:
Congratulations on the razor, the head I have seen, but never the handle. Sorry I can't tell you more about it.
I don't think that's the original Gillette handle but probably came from a different manufacturer. I'm sure one of our resident razor experts will be able to identify it.
There were many variation of the British New, as shown in my images above. Your head is the I/H pin flat bottom British long comb.
These came in both two piece (#77/#88) and three piece configurations. Here, on the right, is one that another member posted recently.
It shows one of the proper handles, there were a few handle variations, that shipped with the three piece.
I agree that the handle in the OP is not a Gillette made handle.
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Thank you all for your warm welcome. I'm a "classic shaver" since 1 month.I'm visiting lots of forums with a huge variety of objects, cars, motorcycles, pc, games, razors, so I do understand what people expect from a "newbee". So yes, I did a look around on this forums, and did my homework before posting :)

Nice to hear the open comb base plate isn't common.

Also have 2 Fat Boy's from 1960 and 1961 with a slightly difference in TTO knob, where the mechanism is locked. Any information about that available?

Edit: Found it:
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