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I recently got a beautiful Gillette, 3-piece, copper colored razor with a black plastic or bakelite handle for only $3.25 on eBay. It looks unused, has Gillette in a diamond on the head and no date codes, only pat pending and made in U.S.A. I think it might be a Tech but am not sure. It is a good shaver, mild like my Fat Boy set on 4, but the handle is very slippery when wet. I fixed that by using a handle from a Merkur classic three-piece. Can anyone ID this jewel.
you don't own a camera? I think that I would lose my mind (what is left of it) if I didn't have my cameras...
what about the e-bay auction? were/are there pics there?
This was a site mentioned on another thread, and I used it to find the identification for a SN for an older Gillette (1907). http://www.geocities.com/safetyrazors/gil_ser2.htm

It can help if you can find any sort of SN or date code, but if it was 1931-1951, I think they said it doesn't have one. If that's the case, James there probably has the best ID for you. Sounds like a good find, though. Good luck in your quest.:thumbup1:
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