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I need your help for a pipe lot

Hello gents

I have the opportunity to get 6 never used pipes "Butz Choquin" in there box but as I'm pretty new in this world, I need some advices about the price for exemple, the guy ask me 250$ for the all, is it correct ?

I have read here that I can't smoke the same pipe every time, a rotation is needed and it seems that corn pipes are cool for an everyday smoker, can you confirm ? does these corn pipe takes long to be "smoke ready" sorry but I'm a french talker and new in this world so perhaps my questions seems strange ^^

thanks for your help

here is a picture of the pipes :

$Sans titre.jpg
Butz Choquin makes a very nice pipe, and getting 6 of them like that gives you an instant rotation. I would say offer the man $175 for those 6 and bargain a bit. $250 may not be a bad price to pay for them, but I have usually paid less for the Butz Choquins that I had.

A corn cob pipe is always a nice addition and they need no break in period. They tend to smoke well from the first. I have had several corn cob pipes in my pipe smoking life and I have always enjoyed them, but they were never a pipe that I picked up as my first choice, unless I was doing yard work and did not wish to damage one of my better pipes.

And don't worry about being a French talker. I am a hillbilly talker and we are harder to understand than French talkers.:laugh:
thank you very much for your answer, I will take a look around for some good corn cob pipes then !

enjoy your smokes & shaves

thanks for the link, I also looking for a gourd calabash pipe, it it true that such a pipe can be use everyday ?
Can't say I know anything about calabash gourd pipes. One thing to understand is when all of us got started on pipe smoking, we bought one pipe and grew over time. I've only bought 7 pipes in 7 years. That doesn't mean our first pipe only got smoked once a week. What fun is that?! I smoked my first pipe one bowl a day 5-6 times a week. During this time I learned how to properly pack, light, tamp, and take care of a pipe. That pipe is just terrific and in rotation today. I only have several pipes because I buy one when I like it and the price is right. The fact that pipes get rotated in a wider pattern is a bonus.

My suggestion is get a good briar pipe that you like, a few ounces of bulk tobacco blends that your nose likes, stop by your local hobby store and get a big pack of white pipe cleaners for a fraction of the cost of what the tobacconist sells them for and a simple box of matches or disposable lighter. Kick back and learn the fun world of pipes. Over time, grow that pipe into another, and another. The main thing is never ever use a torch lighter and when you are done smoking a bowl properly clean it with a pipe cleaner. Let it cool completely before smoking it again (usually a few hours).
I think Butz Choquin which is a French company by the way, does make true calabash pipes. I think BladeBoy has one of them. They are rather expensive. I would not smoke a calabash every day, though. You should remove the cup (the meerschaum "bowl" part) after smoking, and let the gourd body dry out. Tobacco juice and saliva will collect in the lowest part of the bend, and eventually this will cause the gourd to get weak there. As long as it gets a chance to dry, it will last a very long time. A calabash is probably gives the best smoke of all pipes, very cool and dry. The gourd body provides a large chamber for cooling and condensing.

A calabash is a great fireside pipe, but it is a little awkward sometimes for a walking-around pipe. If you like to walk or drive while smoking, I would not get a calabash as your first pipe. If you only smoke while sitting in your favorite chair, etc, then sure, go for it, if you are up to spending that much money.

$250 for that set is not a bad deal, I think, but not a bargain, either. If you can get the price down a bit, I would go for it.

A cob is still a good idea, for situations where you do not want to risk losing or damaging one of your better pipes. The smoke is just as good, and the price is low enough to shed no tears over it if something happens to it.
thanks all for answers, I can't make the guy low the prices but he add one more pipe to the 6 others :


now i think it's a fair deal
Yeah, for 7 name brand pipes in new condition I would say $35 a piece is a great deal. Also if you decide you don't like all of them I'm sure you could get the difference back listing them on the BST here. I wanna see a better pic of that one with the amber-type stem.
I will post better pictures when get the pipes.
Oh god, my therapy with shaving brush was succesfull and now I felt in pipes ... my wife will kill me for sure this time
At first I wasn't game, now I'm on board. Grab all 7 for $250 and part the ones you don't like out on BST. I try to buy every pipe on BST that I see that I don't already have. So I will definitely be a buyer on anything you don't like.

$35 a pipe is a STEAL! Comfort yourself with all of us who say BUY THEM!
Internet is an incredible source of good deal, I went to my tobacco shop yesterday and Oh my god, I saw the prices of butz Choquin pipes, no one under 65€ !! and 300€ for a gourd calabash !!!!!
It is a good deal. BC makes a good quality pipe that sell well above the price offered. If you don't go for it, let me know and I will.
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