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I just gave away my Merkur Hefty Classic.

While visiting, my dad noticed my new razors: the Merkur Hefty Classic and the Merkur Futur. He had no idea that I had begun to use DE razors. I explained to him how I had done some research on the subject and learned that using a DE has many advantages, and that after starting to use one I would never go back. My dad then reminded me of how about 15 years ago I scolded him for not giving new products like the Gillette Sensor a chance. For the past 10 or 15 years now he has been using cartridge razors. And when he moved a few years ago his DEs probably got lost.

Well, I thought it was the right thing to offer him my Merkur HD. It looked most like the one that he was familiar with. I gave him a fresh blade to try it out and told him that is he liked it he could keep it. I was secretly a bit sad because I like the HD the most, although I think the Futur is great too. I also gave my dad about a third of a tub of T&H shave cream.

Recalling my first use of a DE only a few months ago (I don't count a few shaves when I was 15) I continually told my dad that he must apply almost NO pressure whatsoever. I worried a bit because a) my dad is in his late seventies and a bit shakey and ... b) he has not used a DE since Bush Serior was in the white house. But my dad reminded me that he "used one of these things for about 50 years".

When I saw him this morning he had his first shave with a DE in a long, long time. There was not a mark on his face and he looked good. He reported no nicks or anything. The layoff apparently didn't hurt him.

I'll miss my HD, but I know it has a good new home.
Way to go Christoph!

Now that your Dad is shaving the correct way, shouldn't you tell him that he was right about shaving 'the old way' also? :wink:

No reason to miss the HD; just go over to your Dad's and "forget" your razor :sneaky2: so that you have to use 'his'.

Bravo to you for being so generous.

Hey, I know--you should reward yourself by buying a new HD!:wink:
Good for you, Christoph!:thumbup:
I'd say it qualifies you for at least 2 NEW DE's of your choice!
I bought my Dad a Gillette Slim Adjustable in 1962 for either his birthday or Christmas. He died in 1992 and I recently asked my Mother if it was still around. She found it and gave it back to me. It is in very good, almost mint condition after all these years (he took good care of everything), and I proudly display it my collection, and use it frequently.
I only wish he were still here so that I could share some of my razors, creams, soaps, etc. with him.
Enjoy your Dad while he's still with you.
Ernie - that's totally cool that you have the DE that you gave your dad all those years ago. It reminds me of something that I had thought to put in my initial post, but left out. I told my dad that the HD I was giving him would "last him forever". He replied, saying "yes, and then one day it will last YOU forever". That's the wonderful thing about DEs: They do last forever. I lost my mom a few years ago, so I really chrish my dad's presence in my life.

And, yes, I think I should get a new DE (or maybe two). Altough I just might get my HD back from my dad soon. He said that he likes it a lot, but he might like one with a longer handle, as he has big hands. A long handled Merkur might be the answer here. I could buy one and trade with him. Or I just might buy him a long handle and get a new HD for me. We'll see. I'll also have to get him a refill of T&H sometime soon. He said he couldn't believe how much lather he got from a tiny amount. He's always used soap in the past.

Thanks for the reply.
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