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I got my 6 samples from The Shaving Den

I just my 6 shaving creams samples from The Shaving Den in the mail today.

Here is the lists what I choose for what I want to try.

T&H West Indian Lime

T&H Trafalgar ( I try before in a couple of times and I want to try again)

T&H Sandalwood

T&H Rose

TOBS Lemon & Lime

TOBS Almond

I don't what the different between T&H West Indian Lime & TOBS Lemon & Lime, I smell the same scent of these two.

Does anyone try these above the lists?

I did smell T&H Rose and it smell like bit of Rose but TOBS Rose has more rose scent, right.

Do you like almond or sandalwood or lemon & lime?

Which cream am I going to try?

Chris A:001_smile
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