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I am not a big fan of. based scents

I have decided I dont like strong sandalwood scents. whats yours

As it happens I've alway had a fondness for Sandalwood scents. They're my favorite. Especially anything as close to natural Sandalwood oil as possible. But it's all a matter of preference. I'm a woodsy or tobacco type scent guy.

One scent I don't like in mens fragrances is sweet, tart or sharp scents. Anything sharp, sweet, or sharply floral. Also not real fond of citrus (lemon or orange peel) scents either.
Speick cologne. Not bad but the scent is very feminine in my opinion, nothing like their other fine products. I let the SWMBO use it and it's great on her. It's advertised as unisex.
Sandalwood or almond.
+1 ... I like the scent of Sandalwood, but it makes me itch, with the exception of Floris Santal ASL.

With Almond scented products, I usually get great performance, but the smell just seems icky to me.
Cheap patchouli.

One fragrance could do a base like rose, patchouli, vanilla, floral, or gourmand that I cannot stand, (I'm looking at you, AMen), but another could do something more refined with the same base, and be on my keeper list.
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