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How ya fixed for blades, daughter?

Last year, when my daughter was visiting for Christmas, she took my new TOBS tub for her very own- with unfortunate results that meant the tub really should only be used for her from then on.

So, I made up a little kit for her to take back to Florida to go with the cream:

Wilkinson Classic DE (the black plastic one)
VDH Brush
20 Personna Blades

She just left from this years trip up to Detroit. Before she went, we discussed whether she needed supplies. Turns out she did, so she got some Gillette Spoilers and some ARKO and D'Men creams......
I am very happy that she has continued to be a DE shaver. Also, she has been talking to a recruiter and plans to commit to become a Marine next month when she turns 18. Her maturation over the last two years also makes me very proud of her......


I wanna be sedated!
Sounds like a daughter to be proud of.:thumbup: Thank her in advance for me for her willingness to defend our country.
Thanks for putting a happy smile on my face this morning! I have two daughter's, one turns 30 next year, the other 9. In my experience, wives come and go, but daughters remain.


I purchased Lady Gillettes for both of my daughters and only the youngest enjoys or attempts to use it.

She also loves to build lather with the TOBS Avocado. She used to bowl lather but has recently tried leg lathering.:thumbsup::badger:
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