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How to keep the setting on the Merkur Progress razor

There have been several posts stating that when changing blades on the Merkur Progress razor the setting numbers on the razor change or no longer line up properly. This happens because the two portions of the razor head have been reassembled incorrectly when changing the blade.

Here is how to make sure the settings always line up:

The fixed head portion of the razor has a triangle/diamond engraved on the side. (You can see this on picture number five of the review for this razor located in the review section here http://www.badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=1627 ) .

The removable head portion of the razor has a line etched on one side - it almost looks like a dent or nick. (This line is not really visible in the photos for the review)

This diamond and this line need to be on the same side of the razor (lined up). If they are not on the same side (if the diamond is on one side, and the etched line is on the opposite side), then the razor's settings will be off.

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