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How often do you shave?

I shave once a week.

I let my stubble grow long enough until its like i've got almost a short basic beard and then i shave it off.

having a clean shave once a week this way makes me feel and look so clean and young. I used to watch other people do it before they wouldnt shave for about 2 or 3 weeks and then whipped it all off and looked so different, clean and new.

Although i shave once a week, my new plan is to shave every 2 to 3 days then next month i wont shave for 2 weeks then whip it off cleean.

So, how often do you guys shave? i know most of yous shave everyday or every 2-3 days but does any one have more interesting or adventurous ideas?
I shave once a day, but I find that I get a better, smoother shave if I have 2 - 3 days of growth. I used to shave Monday- Friday and then let my beard grow over the weekend, unfortunately with so many different acquisition disorders I have way too much stuff to try out and therefore find myself shaving every 24 hours over the course of a week.
I'm like Alex. I shave once a day but I do find I get a slightly better shave if I have 2-3 days between shaves. I think for me it is because I can be a little more aggressive with the razor and the 2-3 days of resting my face allows the face to handle the more aggressive shave without the irritation and burn. I will occasionally omit Saturday. Normally on those Saturdays when I am really not planning on doing anything (or worse the Saturdays I dedicate to cleaning) and I don't feel like going through the complete routine.
I shave every day...unless something terrible happens to my face and it needs to recover. However, I have some interesting shave rituals. When I have an important decision that I'm waiting on (like when I sent out my grad school applications this past december) I don't shave until I hear back (for the grad school round the deal I made with my swmbo was that I"d shave either when I got my first acceptance or when I was rejected from all schools). I ended up with a pretty long beard (December 1st - April 13th). I don't know why I do this, but the logic is that when the decision comes back either I get the relief of a nice shave which makes a rejection go down a little better (although I haven't yet had a decision rejected on this method) and if I get accepted the day is doubly good. (Note: I am not supersitious about this method, the beard helps to remind me of something important in my life at the time).

For me, everyday, mostly in the evening, it's a form of relaxation for me.
Since I shave everyday I have no more problems with ingrowing hairs, irritations or razor burn.

I shave only twice a week. Tuesday and Saturday. So far it seems to work pretty well for me. The growth lets me see the pattern of my beard.
Five to six days a week.

It's nice to have a little extra stubble on Monday morning so that I can kick the week off with a quality shave.
I try to shave every day (though sometimes it is difficult to do so - like now for example, I haven't had a shave for 2 days because I'm on the road and my mornings have been hell)... sometimes, but not often, I'll have 2 shaves in a day (say, if my morning shave was very early and I am doing something special with SWMBO in the evening).
I used to only shave every 2-3 days. Since starting with a DE, however, I now shave a minimum of once a day and have gone up to 5 days in a row of shaving twice a day. I would say that on average, I shave 10 times a week. The second shave is rarely necessary but is often times performed in order to test a product or simply pamper myself.
Although I would have no problem shaving everyday, logistically I simply can't do it, so I'm an every 2nd day shaver, but sometimes I'll shave twice during the weekend if I'm going out.

The truth is, my shaves are so superior since I started wet shaving with a DE that my face is still generally pretty smooth on the 2nd day anyway, and even if I can feel stubble starting, it still looks shaved.

Gawd I love DE shaving!


Everyday except Saturday. Not that I don't want to shave on Saturday, but I find my face really likes a day off.
I have in the past shaved daily, every other day, twice a week, but I'm currently doing it three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday). If I can speed it up (still learning DE shaving) and keep the irritation down, I might go back to daily.
I've never been able to grow a beard that looks like anything other than, "Did you forget to shave this morning?" It's just spotty and sparse all over. And it itches like a mother. So, I prefer to go naked-faced.

But shaving with a cartridge razor always involved nicks, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other irritations. It wasn't enjoyable, and my face still felt like sandpaper when I was done. "Shaving" with an electric mower was worse. So, I shaved probably twice a week at most. And I hated it.

I've been using the ol' badger and blade for about two weeks now, and I have not skipped a single day. I've nicked myself exactly once. It only took a couple of days to learn the right DE technique to avoid razor burn. I really enjoy shaving now. And my skin looks great.

Sooner or later, I'll probably slack off for a couple days and give my face a break. But for now, I'm having too much fun to stop. I shave after work, and it gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day.


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I average eight to nine days a week.:lol:

(And you guys thought all that time I spent working on the space-time continuum was wasted.)
I'm a once a day guy, maybe it's because I'm still new to wet shaving but starting out each morning with that 15 to 20 mins of a slow pampered shave is something I just don't want to miss. I can certainly see the advantage of skipping a day now and then and I used to do that when I used an electric razor. But for now I'll stick with looking forward to hot lather from the Moss Scuttle each day!
I typically shave every day and skip either Saturday or Sunday. I experience the same that if I shave after having skipped one day, the shave is much smoother because the hairs were longer. This however does not mean I don't have good shaves for the rest of the week. I think it's just easier to shave BBS with a 2 day beard instead of a 1 day beard.

My cheeks, chin, upper lip and jaw lines are never really irritated but often times my neck is. If that is the case I tend to skip the following day to give my neck and face a break.

While awaiting delivery of my new DE setup I tried a tripple pass (with the grain, accross and against) with a Mach 3 + fresh blade yesterday afternoon. Above mentioned places are always okay regardless of how many passes but my neck was a little bit irritated (it still is at this very moment and I skipped this morning's shave) so I will stick with 2 passes (with the grain and against).
i know with some when they shave everyday its almost as if theres no hair at all. If you only look reeallly closey you can see some hair. So when i look at them shaving i wonder why do they have to shave every day, they dont have anything to shave.

but then i found out they are bit embarrassed to go out without shaving, with just a little hair showing, specially whites ones when they're over 50+ age. Also, for some people its become like a religous ritual, they mUst have that shave in the morning thing, or if they have to go out of the house, they must do it and look young, as if they're not growing old. I noticed this with quite a few old folks but theres some like me and my next door neighbour who dont really care, we'll just do it whenever we feel like it.
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