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How many razors do you have?

So I am now a little over 6 months into the straight razor lifestyle. I have 5 razors with 4 of these in a daily rotation. One is used periodically. I don’t know if this is a lot or a little. In theory I could get by with just one razor - but my gut feeling says I could benefit from 2 more. (My gut is also a good source in deciding if I need more stones and less money.)

For those on the sub, how many razors do you have, and how many of those are in rotational use?


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I'll move this to the general SR area in a bit....

I'm not sure how many I actually own. But I only keep one or two out of the storage containers for regular use. And sometimes there might be an extra one I am restoring or honing, but that will go into a box once I get it dialled in.


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After almost three years of SR shaving, I am down to only 38. At the end of my first years I was up to 67 (that included 5 matching seven-day sets).

Of my current 38, 31 are in current rotation, 3 are in Dopp bags for travel and the other four are being PIFed. I also have one more now winging its way to me.

SR shaving to me is not a hobby, it's an addiction. I am trying to keep my SR stable to a reasonable number.
Got 15 or so razors. 5 are nice ones/gifts I don't use. The other 10 are ones I normally shave with. Try to get a bit of everything to control the RAD then a couple extras of your favorites. If I had to suggest some razors everyone to have I would say the following.

-7/8 or 8/8 new production razor -can be custom or not depending on your taste.

-5/8 or 6/8 new production razor -same criteria as above

- a good vintage Swedish razor, German razor, japanese, and English blade -if you know your preference of razor size aim for that

-2 or 3 test razors , good shavers from a brand you like. Used mostly for taking care of the honing/testing itch without feeling bad of adding hone wear.

As you find your favorites add more of those of course! I like Swedish blades so my extra razors are those. However whenever I have that itch for a new razor I probably have something close I can shave with the stop the itch.

6/8 modern T.I. Le Grelot, 7/8th modern T.I. spec'd by Portland Razors, Koraat basic II 8/8th near wedge, Gold dollar honing beater, 6/8th Ralf Aust

I probably use the Ralf Aust the least. Not that it's a bad razor, I just don't reach for it much. Still going to hold onto it.
Lately the new Koraat has been stealing the show.

So I'd say, realistically I have 3 in active rotation that get used regularly. Possibly 1 if the Koraat continues to steal the show, which is a distinct possibility.


Girls call me Makaluod
I don't feel so bad after reading this thread. I only have three and am pondering a 4th, but don't want more than five. I thought I was being a bit overboard. I see I'm not even in the same league.
Every gentleman of even modest means should have at least a matching seven-day set.


I currently have six. I will only allow one more before I have to PIF or sell one. I don't use a SR every day, typically just on weekends. I figure if I have one for every day of the week it is more than enough.
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