How many of you have both a thin and thick Old Type?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by imatabor, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    As the title says, I'm wondering how many of you have both types of "Old Type"?
  2. I do. :001_smile
  3. I do. And . . . what?
  4. Yup

  5. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    I do, but I don't use either one. Just can't figure out how to get a close, consistent shave with them.
  6. My last two acquisitions have been Gillette Old Types. The Single Ring is a thin cap, the ball-end Old Type has a thick cap.

    I haven't shaved much with either one, but I did notice a difference in the shaves between the two.
  7. I have both.
  8. You never will by not using them.
  9. dionesius3

    dionesius3 Contributor

    I do and I don't really have a preference for either. They work well enough and get the job done as well as any vintage Gillette. I just have so many others that I enjoy more.
  10. I have both they are very similar I think the thin cap is a little more aggressive.
  11. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    I've tried them enough. Life's too short to use a razor that doesn't work for me. I've got plenty of others that do, although interestingly the only vintage DE that works for me is a Le Coq cage comb. I've got plenty of vintage Gem-blade and Schick injector razors that work, but none of my vintage Gillette DEs. Some aggressive modern DEs, on the other hand, are tremendous.

    This sort of sums it up for me. Everyone's different.
  12. Yes, I have both. I don't notice much difference between them and they are both great shavers, among my favourites.
  13. I have 3 Old types and not sure if they are thick or thin. I would guess they are thin though. I measured them 2.4 mm at their thickest point.
  14. Do they have serial numbers? The thin has a serial number, the thick doesn't.
  15. Both here.
  16. So,... what did we win?
  17. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    A Gillette NEW!:001_tt2:

    If I get enough responses We will be having a Grudge Match in April.

  18. I'll send you a conversation with my info. I don't have a New. :shifty:
  19. I've got a Single Ring, as well as a thick-capped ball-end Old Type. Also, I've an ABC, sort of another variation, and I have both comb styles of that.
  20. KQY61

    KQY61 Contributor


    Um, don't we go from the Old to the New Improved before we move on to the New? ;)

    I sensed a disturbance in the Force, like a Grudge Match between the Thin and the Thick is coming right for us! And, I was correct!

    I no longer have a Thick, but do have an NI should that pop up on GM radar....


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