How many of you have both a thin and thick Old Type?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by imatabor, Feb 27, 2017.

    I used to have both. At one point I had three thin caps (ABC set, single ring, and a khaki set) and 5 thick caps that were all ball end. I found the thin caps to be ever so slightly more efficient, and I found myself using the thick caps less often. I sold off the thick caps and the ABC set. My thick caps were just stuck in the middle of no-man's land.
  1. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    I thought that more of you would chime in.

    DCRIII Contributor

    I have both.
  3. I have both and would love to see a Grudge Match between thin and thick cap.
  4. KQY61

    KQY61 Contributor


    I have a Gillette OC progression: Old Thin, New Improved, New SC, New LC and 34 Aristocrat. But, not an Old Thick. Used to, but passed it on.

    As a result of the Old v New GM, I have the idea I need a Thick and maybe a couple older Thins than the 1921 (based on Serial) one I have. And, from another discussion, some Big Fellows as well because they reported shave differently *again* than the Old and the New Improved they were based on.

    But, any new acquisitions have to wait until the first week of January.

    Even so, I will be watching the Thin v Thick GM and taking notes..... ;)

  5. I do, I do!

    What for?:001_rolle
  6. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    both here, although unlike many who post, I've not been able to detect a difference. I'm not very sensitive.
  7. Ad Astra

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    Three thins, apparently, as all have serial numbers ... so I did learn something!

    The silver 1912-made ABC seems more forgiving than the two-piece.

  8. Thick and a thin old type, a single ring (thin), and my all time favorite a 1911 ABC shell design (thin).
    Great razors made in those days for sure.
  9. I have both thick & thin cap models.

    - The thick cap shaves great, the thin cap is awful.
  10. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    Since you all have said you have both, jump over and join the Grudge Match.
    Grudge Match: Old vs Old; Thin vs Thick
  11. Up until I shaved today, I was in 100% agreement with your statement.

    Today I had a first shave with my new 1906 Single Ring thin cap and it was as smooth as my two thick caps. My three other thin caps (all from 1918) are noticeably less smooth than my thick caps.

    Note: all my 1918 thin caps are slightly bent (bowed) while the 1906 is laser straight.
  12. Had both, found I prefer the Single Ring (have two), PIF'd the Old Type.

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  13. The Single ring is an OLD type.
  15. Not sure
    One is a 1911 Single Ring and the other I think is from a Shawmut set 1921 - 1928, but I'm no expert.

  16. Gold-thick.

    Nice razors!!! :thumbsup:
  17. Thank you. I just picked them up over the past few months and haven't gotten to try them. How do they shave compared to a 1932 Goodwill? I wanted to like it, but found it too aggressive for my taste. maybe I should have tried longer.
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  19. Mr Razor's hyperlink notwithstanding, the Old Type designation did not exist until 1921 when Gillette started marketing the New Improved. They then dropped the price of the old style razors and started calling them "Old Type".


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