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How many brushes do you own right now?

How many brushes do you have right now?

  • 1 - What's SBAD?

  • 2 - Cream & Soap or Weekday & Weekend

  • 3 - dabbling

  • 4 - playing the field

  • 5 - "hey, I *use* them all!"

  • 6 - I'm out of things to say

  • 7 - wracking my brain, but nope, nothin

  • 8 - still blank. Maybe I should have a wee dram of scotch to help me think

  • 9 - that's a lot of brushes

  • 10 - also a lot. well, a lot plus one I guess

  • 11-15 - they have their own shelf

  • More than 15 - "Come downstairs--I'll show you my brush cellar"

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I've got six. I included badger brushes I don't really use, but did not include a boar brush I do. Am I just in denial?
Allways the same boring picture...i know...sigh...should alternate more with rest of my 180+ pieces...:wink:

I have spent the past year dealing with a bad case of SBAD. While my 18 brushes are only 10% of DrP's collection, each was carefully chosen and I have learned a lot about what I like in a shaving brush. I find brushes to be one of the most fun aspects of our hobby because there are so many different options and each one is different from the next making it a unique work of art. The main problem with a collection this size is that if you rotate through them then each one only comes up for use a couple of times a month. On the plus side, none of them will be worn out from overuse and so they should more than last for my remaining years on this planet! :biggrin:
I have a 24mm Silvertip from PC Woodcrafts for creams, and an Omega Boar for soaps. I like the Omega a lot, but it's a bit big.

I really hope to buy or trade for something a little more dense, stiff, and compact for a really good soap brush. Maybe a Stubby, if I can find one.
If you count travel brushes and things I am going to sell/trade/PIF I guess I have 7 or 8.

I use 4: a 1/1, 2/1, Commodore, 22mm Shavemac retro.
5 left after a PIF/Sellathon.

B&B Essential
Omega 6215
Rooney 3/1 Super
Shavemac 177 23mm Silvertip
Tweezman (travel)

As much as I want to collect, though, I find I prefer a few brushes I use regularly.
I have 4 that I use regularly;


  • Shavemac 177 Silver Tip
  • Shavemac 436 Silver Tip
  • Simpson Chubby 2 Best Badger
  • Badger & Blade Essential

Got probably 7 more brushes, boar & badger, that I haven't used in a while.
Only two!
I just alternate them every day. :biggrin:
Custom 21/50 Genuine Horn Shavemacs - one in D01, one in Silvertip

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