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How long does it take?

Still using disposables until my DE order arrives.

A quick 2 pass (with and against) with a Mach 3 took me 7 minutes, including quickly lathering up. Right now - after reading this forum for some time - I do good creation of hot lather, 2 hot towels on my face, 2 passes (with and against) with lather inbetween, touchups and finising off with either AS or just a simple balm: between 15 and 20 minutes.

Most likely this will expand once I start with DE shaving to at least half an hour to 45 minutes, however once the technique gets better and once I become more confident, I assume it will be within 20 to 30 minutes time (however this is a guess).

Good question, been thinking about asking the same question earlier this week.
jaffacake2000 said:
How long does it take you to shave (whether you use DE or disposables), i've cut down from 1 hour to 1/2 hour.

A proper wetshave for me, including prep, shave, and post-shave treatment is a solid 10-12 minutes (not including brush-soaking time). Oddly enough, I just shave a few minutes off recently as I started lathering directly on face rather than with bowl....YMMV.

When I first started out, it took 30 minutes at least. The time factor will improve.

I can't remember how long it took to shave with my old M3 disposables, but I would imagine it was somewhat less. Back then though, I was rushing through my shave because I hated it. Now its a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Edit: Today's Shave was 17 minutes, so there is definitely some variance.
jaffacake2000 said:
How long does it take you to shave (whether you use DE or disposables)

I only have a couple of weeks experience with a DE, so YMMV.

It takes me ~15 minutes to do a 4-pass shave. I'm still perfecting my technique, but following the advice I've read here.

I soak my brush and lathering bowl in hot water while I'm showering. 4 passes with fresh lather between each pass. Rinse with cold water and apply some Neutrogena Razor Defense aftershave balm.

I'd estimate that wetshaving has added 10 minutes total to my morning routine. I don't specifically hurry, but I don't waste time and allow the lather to dry.
I haven't clocked myself, but I would say 15 to 20 minutes for a BBS DE shave is about what it takes me.

I can cut it to 5 to 7 minutes if I need to hurry (that still gets me a better shave than my Mach3/Fusion ever did).
My first shave was 50min, currently it's between 30 to 20min. Depends if I do against the grain pass or not, I'm extra carefull with that one. I'm sure with time it should go down to 15min.
About 15 minutes for me - vs. 10 with a multi-blade.

Like others, if I'm in a rush, I'll use a shave stick or later directly on my face. With a good soap/cream, there's plenty of later for multiple passes.
Not surprisingly, my shave time and total "out the door" time have increased significantly, but it's offset by the fact that I don't have to go through the routine in the mornings (I work from home, and have no significant human contact until 18:00-ish.

I'd say I've gone from 2 minutes of shaving in the shower to 15-20 minutes for the entire production. My total prep time is now around the 30 minutes mark.

But really, it's worth it. I may lose my Man Club membership for saying this, but I feel...well...um...pampered, after my get-ready ritual, rather than just feeling clean.

I've noticed that by paying attention to one aspect of my hygiene, I'm starting to pay attention to a host of other things in my life. I now think about being good to myself, rather than just being clean.

Wetshaving - it's not just a way to get rid of your stubble. It's a gateway drug to a lot of things that make life more enjoyable.
My 3 pass + touch and cut routine takes me approx 15 min. That includes brush soak, equipment choices, lather, shave and clean up.
For me a 3-pass + T&C takes approx. 15-20 minutes... and this includes cleaning up the bathroom (spilled water, etc). However, I do shave after my shower so I guess the shower itself is an extra 10 mins or so of prep time (washing face, steaming, etc).
Great thread, I had been wondering if I was taking longer than most when it came to my morning shave. I've been doing this for a bit over a month now and from the time I start to lather the brush in my Moss Scuttle, do 2 shave passes, and put Nancy's AS gel on, I'd say my average time is about 20 to 25 mins. I've taken longer some days when I can't seem to get the water/cream ratio right for building the lather or when I'm using a blade I hadn't tried before but it's a bit shorter now then it was a couple of weeks ago.
I've only been at this for three weeks and was wondering how long others were taking at this too.

Well, I always shave after showering, so once I'm out and dried off (hair too), the brush and bowl have been heated by hot water for at least 15 minutes.

I generally do 2 1/2 passes (one with the grain, one against, and then some cheverons on the neck, since it seems I have 3 "whisker cowlicks" there) with a lathering inbetween each.

The total shave time is about 15 to 20 minutes. Maybe less on the weekends when I am less fastidious about my neck.

To my wife's amazement, I now take around 30 minutes to shower, shave and dress in the morning.

It used to be less than 10.:eek:
I don't shave much with the DE anymore, but when I do it's about 15 minutes from the time I turn on the tap until I've finished cleaning up. Three passes + touch-up.

For my straights it's about 17 minutes including stropping, though I did manage a 12 minute straight shave a few days ago. Won't be doing that again though :-(
Two pass shave including prep, shave, after shave, and clean up takes around 25min. I'll need to trim that down a bit. I spend too much time trying to be anal with having perfect lather.
It depends on the tools I use. With a straight, I can easily spend 20-30 minutes. With a DE, around 10-12 minutes, but I can chop that down to 7 when in a hurry.

Buzz said:
It takes me ~15 minutes to do a 4-pass shave. I'm still perfecting my technique, but following the advice I've read here.

This morning, I actually timed myself.

Brush & shave mug were pre-soaked in hot water. From that point, it took 12:45 from start to finish for a 4-pass + T&C shave. I was not wasting time but not really rushing either.
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