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How long does a shaving brush last?

Bernd lists badger hair as lasting ten years on his site. But I've read several posts of gents using brushes for 30+ years.

I'm sure there are several variables. Is it your only brush? Or do you (as many here do), rotate 2? 3? 25:w00t:? Do you face lather or bowl lather? How do you dry your brush? Over aggressive use will shorten it's life by 10, maybe 20 years.

All that said, I would not be at all surprised to see a single brush user who took reasonable care of a quality badger brush have it last 30 years! (manufacturing defects cited above excepted, of course)

+1 for what Ken said here. BTW,hello Ken. Its nice to hear from you again. I haven't seen any posts from you in awhile. Craig
I have a Gimbles 1000 Pure Badger that is still nice after 50 years.
I haven't heard the name Gimbels in a long, long time. Last time I was in one I was five years old in Pittsburgh, early 70's.
I have an Omega 10048 that is ten years old and in great shape. Having multiple brushes makes them last longer.
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