How do different Schick Type E razors shave?

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    I'v read the physical differences, but Schick Injector Technology doesn't tell me:

    1) How do they shave differently?

    2) Why did they make the changes? What were they trying to solve?

    3) What are the pro/cons of the different types?

    4) Are there important enough differences between the types that should be considered, or just very minor and insignificant?

    Thanks in advance.
  1. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    While both my E2 and I2 get the job done, I find the I2 head does a better job for me.
  2. troy

    troy Ambassador

    I have an early E-2 and an E-3. To me the shave is pretty much the same. Any differences are more likely due to how many shaves the blade has, as far as I can tell anyway. The E-2 does open for cleaning, so I guess that's nicer, but not really needed. I think the changes in manufacturing were more likely due to changing in tooling as old ones wore out or changes to speed up production rather than improve the razors. In my opinion the Es are the best of the bunch.
  3. Have a E1 that opens, E2 fixed spring, E3 fixed spring and E5 fixed spring.
    E1 and E5 are mild razors. E2 is moderatly aggresive while the E3 is mildly aggressive. My “D” type is practically a surgical tool for skin grafting but that’s another story.
  4. I'd like to see a photo posted of your ultra rare E1, please.

    I have an E2 and the head & gap is exactly as is that of a G Model, hence they shave exactly the same. Great shavers both.
  5. I've really enjoyed obtaining and using the Type E. The head size and shape make detail work around the nose and sideburn precise and effective.

    I love the catalin/Bakelite fat handle.

    Coupled with a Schick brand injector blade, these models are both effective and comfortable.

  6. Here it is. Notice the square spring.

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  7. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    I really enjoy my Schick E2 injector razor and my E5 was used so much from a previous owner the blade stops had a permanent blade grove that started to lift the blade making it more aggressive and not that enjoyable. That E5 would give any aggressive razor a run for the money. My E2 is a mid aggressive highly efficient razor(SWEET SPOT IMO) with a NEW Schick blade, old stock vintage razor blades did not work that well and was not impressed until I bought some new ones and it was like "night and day" IMO. I converted a E2 To E1 so I could clean and remove blades manually or buy the Schick proline B-20 blades that are supposedly the best of the Schick blades but do not use a injector key which is strange IMO. The regular NEW Schick blades(7 in a yellow PKG) are quite good and also Personna makes a good injector blade also (20 to a PKG). You need a great blade for a great razor to make excellent shaving, take away one of the two requirements with a mediocre substitute and it just does not impress the operator IMO.
    Have some great shaves!
  8. Beautiful. Thanks. How did you manage to snag one? I had always read that the E 1 is more aggressive than later E Models. Not so?
  9. How on Earth did you convert an E2 to an E1? :confused: I think the reason Proline blades are sold sans a magazine loader is the same reason Personna does and that is these blades nowadays are mostly used as hair shaper blades and not as injector blades:
  10. Luck and timing, saw it advertised locally and met up with the older guy at his place. He said his father acquired it while traveling in the U.S. as a travelling salesman.
  11. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Sorry for not getting back a little earlier, but I have been busy and a bit sick with the flue......
    I bought some Schicks this summer 4 in all from various antique dealers and one of them was in rough shape were some one tried to take it apart and was just filthy so I cleaned it up and fixed the spring back to were it should be and straighten the keeper out so that it just clicks in place like a E1 would. Now I can easily clean and put any blade in manually if I want or use the injector. Some Schick owners do not recommend this, but it works the way it does from day one and better because it was unusable before I bought it and now it gives one of the best shaves out there IMO.
    FullSizeRender[137201].jpg Schick swivel 2.jpg Schick swivel1.jpg
  12. It needs to be repeated every time we have the discussion , the E1-E5 designation don't represent a linear evolution by Schick but simply a naming scheme for production variations by Some Guy On The Internet. And within each "model" there are variations that Some Guy didn't happen to give a separate designation.

    My opening E2 is very aggressive. A previously owned E2 less so.
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  13. The "nubs" have been ground down, but I can see how that works. Thanks.
  14. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Good point, but it kind sorts out the tiny changes Schick engineers were playing with head changes with to try and improve the product and the yearly run range. The guy who alphabet identified the Schick models is & has stuck in most minds for ever as some standard Schick came out with.
  15. I'd say "kinda" being the key word, particularly among E2 variations. I think Billy and some others have written thousands of words just on the E2 variants (US and Canadian).
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  16. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Some E models had nubs as you call it, the center keeper can just be straighten out on this model E2, if you have the bump keepers with just a center keeper, just straighten the center keeper and that is pain in the ............ to do but it can be done with out damaging anything else with a little care.
  17. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Billy over on TSD is a interesting person and he sure knows his Schicks IMO and other shaving gear if it's the same Billy from over the(pond) Atlantic ocean.
  18. Holy Schick They are real.
  19. Yes apparently as rare as hens teeth. Recently sold many razors including some nice Canadian E series but not moving the American E1. Some people keep things because they're rare I kept the E1 because it's my favorite even over the sexy type D acquired but don't really like the shave of.

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