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How bad is this?

Sadly, I dropped my razor the other day and chipped the edge after it hit both the counter-top then the floor. Can this be removed in the normal course of honing, or, would I have to pay for a restoration?
General rule of thumb to go by

Nicks contained within the bevel = honing

Nicks that are bevel sized plus+ = restoration

This is by no means iron clad but it works :biggrin1:
If you want to try yourself that will be easily removed using 1000 grit wet and dry on a flat surface.

Its a very minor ding.

You often find razors were rust has caused larger problems than the ding you have.

It really is a non issue. If you can not do it yourself , send it to Glen, who will cure that easily for a nominal fee.

If you live near England, send me a PM and I will do it for you .

Nothing worse than dinging your razor and it's so easily done.
Thats not bad at all. I estimate no more than 40 laps on a 1k stone to remove it and then 10-20 minutes of honing. Possibly less, possibly more, I can't actually say I keep count of my laps on the 1k stone... But damage like that is very minor in my experience and takes relatively very little time.
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