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Homemade Strops...

So I made a few strops, all came out decent. And the price was significantly lower than buying a strop, but the catch was buying the hardware in bulk and using a 40% off one item coupon at my local fabric/hobby store. I used the coupon 5 days in a row to get everything..One item at a time.
I did buy one piece of replacement leather ( English Bridal ) from a vendor..
Cost starting from left..
Cotton Canvas and Poly webbing 2 piece: $8.50
Leather, Vegetable tanned w/neatsfoot oil to soften.. $14
English Bridal..: $26
Cotton Canvas with chrome oxide $5

They all work well and for $55 bucks I've got everything I need

So don't be afraid to make your own!!
And a buddy of mine made me a strop and I used the patterns to make the other 4..


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Well done. I have made a few myself, and my go to, daily driver strop is one I made. I have leather cut for about 15 more.

I was in Hone Depot errrr I mean HOME depot the other day to get a new polished marble lapping plate (aka floor tile) for lapping my stones and balsa strops, and as my usual practice, I was finishing my visit with an up one aisle and down the other aisle pass through the whole store. You want heavy duty D rings, with a bit of a steam punk look? Don't mind dropping almost $20 for a one off project? Ask where the "roof anchors" are. They are straps of steel bent with an angle in the middle and a D ring on each end, for roof climbing and safety lines. These will take a full 2" leather piece without notching. You can grind out the corners a bit and maybe go 2-1/4" and a simple 1/2" notch in the leather on each side and you can roll your own 3" Big Daddy strop.

You can also look for the super heavy duty D rings used in safety and climbing harnesses. My daily driver uses these and they are pretty [email protected]$$. But here is the Hone Depot product.

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