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Homemade Aftershave Balm

Hey everyone! First post but have been lurking for awhile!

I always like to finish my shave with that splash of aftershave or witch hazel mix to feel that sting, but I always wanted more of a lotion or balm type of texture with that little sting too. And of course with the scent of that classic aftershave splash!

So I watched all the videos out there, searched this forum for recipes and I think I found the one I like. I got the inspiration from the MadScientist.ofWetShaving!

What do you guys think?

1/4 cup witch hazel
1/4 cup aftershave (any aftershave you like)
3tbsp corn huskers lotion
3tbsp aloe vera gel
1tsp glycerin

This recipe gives that silky smooth balm, little sting, and it fits in one of those Dollar Tree bottles with a cork and still keeps the smell of your favorite aftershave.

Let me know what you think!


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I sometimes add glycerin and aloe vera gel to witch hazel and it works well, so your additional ingredients probably work even better. I remember many years ago they used to call Corn Huskers Lotion "Poor Mans Skin Food" as an inexpensive alternative to Geo F Trumper Coral Skin Food. I like your idea of adding some aftershave too then you have a complete post shave mix.
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