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I am having a hard time choosing between the SR208 and the SR212. I have read good things about both brushes and the only difference I can tell by simply reading about each brush is the size (25mm vs. 30mm). From what research I have done both seem to be very reasonably priced and they are very soft, which I like. I don't really care for a scrubby brush. I also primarily use creams instead of soaps. I would imagine a softer brush would be better suited to creams. I do have a small pure badger brush that I will be hanging onto to use with soaps as well as a Proraso Boar brush.

So what I am wondering is there really an advantage to having a 30mm brush over a 25mm brush? Either one will seem huge to me compare to the 20mm brush I have been using. How would each compare in size to my Proraso brush? I also will be using this brush for shaving my head as well as my face.

Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.
Hi Jim,
These are very similar brushes. The larger knot also has a bit more loft. I've not used a 25mm or a 30mm but I have shavemac 23mm and 28mm brushes. The experiences are different. The smaller brush is easier to control and easier to determine the optimal water/cream ratio simply becuase it is smaller. The larger brush is very decadent. It is also messy, I fling lather all over the bathroom when I use it but I love it. I use the 28mm at home and the 23mm on the road. I like them both very much and don't consider one to be superior to the other, just different. Either one of these will treat you well. There really is no way to tell which one you will prefer so the only responsible thing to do is to buy both.

I had the SR-241, which is a 30m knot. Great brush. However, it is HUGE! I'm a big guy, and for me, it was just too large. The bristles were floppy, and it was a cream hog. Yes, it made a great lather, but it took more cream. I have the SR-208 and love it. It is a touch floppy, and not scratchy at all. Based on the characteristics of the 208, the 212 is probably much like the 241. Which is why I DON'T own the 212. IMO, a knot of 25-26 is as large as I care for. A big factor here is the bristles. The SMF I brush by Shavemac is totally different from the 241 I had. The bristles are more resilient and more firm. Even so, I'm not sure I would enjoy a 30m knot from Shavemac.

As previously stated, the only way to know for sure is to use them both, but I believe you will be happier with the 208.

rtaylor61 said:
I had the SR-241, which is a 30m knot. Great brush. However, it is HUGE! I'm a big guy, and for me, it was just too large.

I don't have either if the SR brushes mentioned, or any SR brushes at all! Randy makes a very good point though, I DO have a Kent BK12 which has a knot size of 32mm and it uses one hell of a lot of cream.
Hello, Jim. I am a fellow head-shaver and perhaps can help with your decision.

I own a Vulfix #41, which despite being advertised by some as a 30mm brush, is actually a 26mm brush. From what I have gathered from others, this brush and the SR-208 are very close relatives. Having said this, the Vulfix is a nice brush. The knot isn't densely packed which can make it a bit floppy, but it lathers beautifully and can easily produce enough lather to shave both face and head. A downside of these brushes is that their floppyness makes them average performers with hard soaps.

There are other brushes that might better suit you, but for the price, those two models are difficult to beat.
When I was trying to make the same decision, I e-mailed Charles. He responded that while both are fine brushes, the 212 tends to be a bit large for some people while the 208 is big enough to be considered luxurious by most people who use it. I wound up purchasing the 208 and couldn't be happier. I also think he is right, I believe a larger brush probably wouldn't get as much use in my rotation.

I would say e-mail him (Charles) your thoughts.
Of course, it's all a matter of personal preferences; a 18 mm knot performs as well as a 32 mm knot, but gives a totally different look and feel; i can choose from about 40 different brushes for daily use, with a loft from 18 mm up to 32 mm, but i tend to use the 32 mm the most; my favourites are just the biggest ones, while the smallest perform just as good.

Why? That's MY personal preference; i simply like to build a lather and lather up with a huge badger loft on my face; i love to squeeze the lather out of the centre of the loft up to the bristles, i love to rinse it clean and shake it out; i love to look at the bloomed loft after shaking it dry and rubbing it on a towel;i think it's simply the decadent indulgence and the visual appearance of it which attracts me so much; again: it's definitely NOT about performance, because small lofts act as well as big lofts.

So if i had to choose: i would not go for the SR 208 but neither for the SR 212 (which i do have in my collection, of course...); i would choose the SR 3130; the reason is i like round shaped lofts like that of the SR 31 ... series more than fan shaped ones like that of the SR 2... series; but again, it's purely personal imo (although there are wetshavers who say that a fan shaped loft performs differently from a round shape loft; not in my opinion though......)

I havfe decided to pick up an SR208, this was helped by the fact that Michael "Leisureguy" had one posted for sale at SMF for $50 shipped. I figure I can maybe get some creams or aftershaves with the extra money the SR212 would have cost new.
Jim aka Jim,

You will not be disappointed with the 208. I have one, love it. Big, soft on the face, luxurious. Great cream brush, and handsome to look at too. I can't imagine wanting / needing anything bigger. By the way, speaking of aftershaves, Musgo Real is a wonderful and manly scent, and it lasts all day. I highly recommend it.

Enjoy your new brush Jim. I have a SR-208 as well, and find that it is plenty of brush at 25mm.. and quite a good bargain.
Cheers, DJ.
rtaylor61 said:

I had the SR-241, which is a 30m knot. Great brush. However, it is HUGE! I'm a big guy, and for me, it was just too large.

As a man I will never admit anything is too large for me to handle! I however salute your candor!
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