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Hello from newbie

Hello everyone,

Newbie checking in from Switzerland. Looking to learn more about shaving and avoiding neck irritation. Started shaving wet shaving at 14 and currently in my 20's.

(As an aside, is this an annoying cliché that established members have to deal with, new members joining and complaining about neck irritation :001_rolle?)

Other hobbies include watch collecting. Looking forward to participating and learning more.
Welcome to the site. You will get plenty of good advice here. I started because of neck irritation. Good starting point is beard prep. Having well hydrated whiskers really helps.
Good luck to you.

Try this:
- Only shave after a shower
- Find a new old stock 1930's to 1950's Gillette tech razor
- Buy a box of Astra superior Platinum blades
- Any shave brush around $30usd
- Arko shave stick and face lather it
- Seal off with an alum block and cold rinse
- Maybe or maybe not use a post shave balm depending on how oily your skin is (I like LEA 3in1)

I'm pretty new at safety razor shaving myself only since September 2022. Give it a try and go from there and have fun!

Many others will have great advice as well
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