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Has anyone used the Suehiro Kouseki 10K?

Some canvas can be quite hard on delicate high grit finished edges. This will depend on the type of canvas, but they can also damage some edges if you are not careful.
I stropped a 0.1 micron cbn edge on linen yesterday. This edge really did not like that.
Jnat and coticule edges on the same razor does just fine with the same linen.
Lately I have skipped the linen with these types of edges. I just whipe it clean with toilet paper and strop on clean leather carefully.
I agree with this i really find just plain leather after 12k synthetic especially if I do 5 or so strokes on a fine paste is much smoother.
I bought mine here:

I’ve bought from this store before and have been happy with the products and the experience. You can find it cheaper, but this price includes free express shipping - mine came FedEx in about 3-4 days after shipping.
Dang Steve, look what you did. Wonder how many of those 15 were sold to B&B members?
Flattening the Kouseki?

If you just received this stone I was wondering if you needed to flatten it before use.

I have a cheaper plate and was thinking of getting a DMT. I believe the 95 plate is supposed to be for finishing stones.

Someone in the thread also mentioned creating a diamond slurry. is that done with a plate like this? I am attempting to up my honing game. I have nowhere to go but up.


Rick, probablemente iría con el Suehiro Gokumyo 20k. El Suehiro es 0,49uy el Shapton Glass es 0,50u. El Suehiro se puede conseguir más barato y durará más. En la serie G7, Shapton recomienda el 0,85u para el acabado con navaja. Tengo ambas piedras G7, la 0.85uy la 0.44uy, sinceramente, no noto mucha diferencia. Te envié un PM.
Hello. I have a naniwa 12k but i am not happy with its smoothness. I am looking for a soft synthetic stone and I have thought of a GS7 0.44 or SG7 0.85, what do you recommend? Or is a 10k grit better?
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I think that you won’t tell much difference between the G7 0.85 and the 0.44, and I have both. I’d go with the 0.85 because it is what Shapton recommends and I have the stone and have shaved with edges from it. No complaints.

@Wid has a 0.44u, maybe he can comment.
I've only used the GS .44 on one razor but the edge on the razor was really nice. I went from a Naniwa SS 12K to the Shapton.

I can recommend giving it a try.

I don't know if "smooth" is the word I'd use to describe the edge though. If one is looking for "smooth" a natural after the 12K would be my thought.
Just got done with this Clauss. I’ll shave test tomorrow and report back.View attachment 1636626I can say the edge seems very nice.

Maybe a new thread for this stone.
Wasn’t sure if I should start a new thread but… Received my stone and just splashed it and did about 12 laps and then 10 under running water on my razor I had professionally honed and messes up with my canvas strop after the first shave. It brought back the edge to give a fairly good shave. No leather strop before the shave. I wanted to test it. I am sure the razor can be improved quite a bit and will give it another try. I did not kill the edge first. Next step?
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