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Has anyone use this brush?

M-P silvertips have a very good reputation. I have one of their brushes on the way, and will be very curious to see how it performs.
Yes! Yes! Yes! I have it (the same one in 21 mm size) and use it every day. Don't forget to order the matching plastic brush holder (cheap at 1,5 Euro). It lathers great (using Proraso directly on the beard). I think all brushes from M_P are of good quality and the price is just right. I have not used English brushes and I think they are slightly over priced. Boy u got me started, I feel the desire for a new brush coming along!
I havent used that particular Muehle brush, but I have 2 other handmade super-badger from MP. I think they are very nice brushes. Ultra soft with good heat and water retainment.. I say go for it :thumbup1:
I have and and its fantastic. I have all 3 sizes, that I purchased from MP and International cutlery, but one may purchase it at cotton blossom crafts for a slightly cheaper price(though there is a slight increase from the time I purchased mine-compare. They work well with cream and hard soap.
Thanks for all the replys. I think I will have to order one from Cotton Blossom. do you have this handle style, or one of the others (i.e. acrylic).

must have new brush:117:must have new brush:117: must have new brush:117:
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