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Happy Wife, Happy Pipe- best "non-aromatic" room note

I was curious what "spouse pleasing" non-aromatics are out there? I have smoked a pipe off and on throughout the years, but my tobacco ends up lasting forever since I only smoke a few times a month. Because my tobacco lasts so long, I end up smoking the same handful of blends with little variety (this is partially due to the crummy selection around here). Lately, I have been smoking mostly Dunhill-- 965, Early Morning Pipe & Nightcap-- but I would like to find something that my wife can put up with.

Anyone have any suggestions for some non-aromatics that have a nice room note?


Moderator Emeritus
Non-aromatics by definition aren't "crowd pleasers" so you may be doing this :a52:

Off the top of my head, SWMBO likes when I smoke GH Ennerdale, but that's about it!

On the aromatic end of things, have you tried GH Bob's Chocolate Flake, seems to always have positive reviews.
Well, by "non-aromatics", I should be more particular. I suppose what I am trying to avoid is the over the top artificial scents. I'm looking at you "peaches and cream". I have to imagine that there are some crowd pleasing scents that won't ghost my pipes with the smells of fruit salad and cookies.

Commander Quan

Commander Yellow Pantyhose
Even though it has a latakia component Two Friends English Chocolate smells pretty good and tastes good too.


Moderator Emeritus
+1 to English Chocolate and HOTW. I would say GH Ennerdale, but that sometimes can taste too flowery on the palate.


Fridays are Fishtastic!
My wife likes the smell of Squadron leader, Frog Morton, and FM Cellar.
I would go along with the Orlik Golden Sliced mentioned above. One I would add would be Mississippi River for sure. There are a lot of Virginia’s tobaccomixes out there that would work.


Moderator Emeritus
Good suggestions here already. I see by your current selections you tend to smoke Latakia. My wife seems to like the smell of Ennerdale, G&H Rum Flake, and Dan's Mellow Mallard, but these aren't exactly in your wheelhouse. The only "Englishy" blend she has commented favorably on is Pembroke.
Reiners long golden flake is a VAPER with a slight bit of burley added, and it's a nice mild VAPER with a pleasant room note that my wife approves of...
Thanks for all the awesome tips! I will have to pick up one of the Virginias to try; I have been meaning to explore them anyway. I have been smoking the latakia blends, largely because they were available locally and they were "must try" blends once they were reintroduced. I have to order everything else online so its a bit trickier to fall into new things.

T Murphy- I watch various Youtube Pipe Presenters as well and Mississippi River is praised pretty much universally, so I will need to try that as well...


Moderator Emeritus
You guys have some pretty agreeable wives :).
My wife loves the smell of my Va's and aros, but she absolutely cannot stand the smell of my cigars. I don't smoke English blends because I can't stand them, but she's gotten a whiff of some that I've tried. Her general response to those is "No".
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