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Happy Birthday Randy!

Happy birthday! Check your mail box... Peter told me he's quit shaving, is going to grow a beard, and as a result is sending you his 78 brushes as a b-day gift, one for each year you've been alive.

<-- Keepin' the Randy Smart@$$ tradition alive :biggrin:

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts. Yes, I'm working today. Jerry, I'm testing s/c samples for Colleen, so I didn't get to use Patchouli for my "hippy" birthday. And no, Peter didn't send the brushes, although I did have a ebay straight razor in the mail today.

I'll have to celebrate late tonight!

Congrats MR Joker :biggrin: :lol:

Seriously a little belate but nonetheless a nice one for you and may you be healthy for next year thats most important..of all
I'm touched! Truly. Gents, thanks for all of the well wishes. Although the "ageometer" continues to climb every year, it's really been a number of years since I "celebrated" my birthday. It's basically been treated like any other day. Your greetings mean a lot to me.

Randy (being serious for a change)
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