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Happy 2000 B&B!

:badger: That's right B&B, yet another milestone that we're breezing past. Congrats everybody, and thanks for making this place such an inviting and fun place to be. :thumbup:

Hard to believe there is a place on the internet where 2000 people can civilly discuss shaving, philosophy, and life. Kudos to all!!
very cool... there are so many folks I don't know here anymore and it is aweful... I am trying to keep up! :biggrin: but it is a bit overwhelming!

All I know is this is representative of some of the finest folks on the internet.. or anywhere else for that matter. Many of you are family and some of you are family that I haven't met yet, but I am glad for all of you.. What a terrific thing Nick and Joel have done...

Congradulations and Welcome to all!

Sue (Mama Bear)
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