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I'd like you're input on shampoo/conditioner rotation.

I have the following in the shower:

NB Shampoo and conditioner
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and conditioner
Baxter Shampoo

Does it cause any problem for the hair rotating shampoos/conditioners?

I usually use a different one every shower and was just wondering if there is any sage wisdom about this practice?
I've seen some things concerning shampoos and conditioners that suggest a rotation, especially when one shampoo is for a specific condition. For example, most dandruff shampoos suggest only using them every other day or every few days and using a daily shampoo the rest of the time because the dandruff shampoo can be too harsh if used every day.

I currently have American Crew's daily shampoo and daily conditioner that I use every day. I'm thinking of getting their citrus shampoo and conditioner just to provide a change for when I feel so inclined, but I don't have the $$$ yet to order that.
I too have been told that rotating shampoos helps re: the buildup that can occur if one uses the same product on one's hair every day. Don't know if its true, but its what I do, too.
I use different flavors of Herbal Essence shampoos and sometimes throw in something new from another brand.

However seen the fact that the majority of my shampoo rotation is from the same brand, I assume the "health benefits" of my shampoo rotation will not be the same as when I rotate between 5 to 8 brands.

The majority of the shampoos here in Belgium have very synthetic scents and while chances are high my HE shampoos have the same, their scents are in my opinion more natural. Of course, YMMV. :wink:
I use Avalon Organics Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner (use conditioner only couple times per week).

This does a good job of cleansing, but doesn't strip the hair of natural oils.
I've been using for the past couple of years, the American Crew shampoo (no conditioner). I've tried rotating shampoos in the past, but with the exception of the Crew, none of them really seem to "clean" my hair. But from what I've heard, stay away from shampoos that claim to "add nutrients" to your hair, the buildup from those can be like wax. And besides, why add nutrients to something that's dead anyway? :confused:
Last week, I washed my hair everyday because I was afraid of buildup ; however, it seems better if washed every second day, otherwise it's drying, even with a gentle shampoo
I once had a hairdresser tell me that, since your hair is already dead, it didn't really matter what you washed it with as long as you didn't use it two days in a row. Works for me...
I just use whatever shampoo my wife has but I've recently started using Vitalis Hair Tonic, (available at walgreens). I love the stuff. You just rub in a small amount into your wet hair and it makes it behave and shine all day. As a nice side effect it smells like an old barber shop.
Yea I have heard that it is good to change you're shampoo every few weeks or so as well. Not sure if it really matters or not but that is what I do to avoid build up. Also, I am a big fan of the NB shampoo but I dont like the Tea Tree that much. In fact I dont like any of Paul Mitchell"s products.
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