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    This game gets started every once and a while on the Amateur Film board I post on. Thought it would be fun to play here.

    The Game:
    I will start by posting a screenshot/picture from a movie. The first person to guess the movie gets to post the next picture.

    The Rules:
    There are basically not too many rules.

    • If you guess, please wait for confirmation that your guess is the correct movie.
    • If the previous winner does not give a confirmation within a day or so, the person with the best guess can feel free to go.
    • Keep it fun. You can post obscure movies, but at least make it something somebody will be able to get.
    • If nobody can guess your movie within a reasonable time, please post a new one.
    • You get bonus points if the picture you post involves shaving:biggrin:

    That being said, here is a VERY easy one to start things off.

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  1. Blazing Saddels
  2. Oh you know their is a shaving part with a Straight in that movie.:biggrin:
  3. Correct, your turn Will!
  4. Here you go. This is also my favorite movie.
  5. "Warriors...come out and plaaaeeeyaaaayyy!"
  6. rtaylor61

    rtaylor61 Moderator Emeritus


    I haven't seen that movie since it was first released. It was a pretty good flick!

  7. moses

    moses Moderator Emeritus


    What is the name? Oh, and btw, is the username a reference to living in Berkeley, CA? If so, it is fitting....

  8. Sorry, the movie is "The Warriors" (1979). I think I dressed up as a Baseball Fury one Halloween b/c of this movie.

    Yes, my handle is an homage to my days at Berkeley. It's been a while -- wow, ten years now. Time's a flyin'.
  9. You are corect sir. Post ur pic

    Mo- It is The Warriors.
  10. A true movie event:
  11. moses

    moses Moderator Emeritus

    Scarface? (Just a guess).
  12. Nope. You nailed one of the actors, just not the movie. Try again.
  13. Heat :smile:
  14. Beat me to it!
  15. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! That is correct.

    The scene shown in the photo still is considered movie history b/c it's the first time DeNiro and Pacino were ever in a scene together. And a great scene it was.

    Your turn, sir.
  16. moses

    moses Moderator Emeritus

    Right. Kinda dumb of me. Because the is De Niro on the right. And he was not in Scarface. Or any other movie with Pacino that I know of, other than Heat. Except Godfather II, of course, but they would never have been in the same scene, and were both much younger.

    But then, I slept through Heat. No really, I did. Must have been REALLY tired, I suppose.....

  17. oh I didn't know that was their first time together... awesome movie
  18. This is kind of... if you know it, you know it... if not, good luck :smile:

  19. Oh you can replay?

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